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Hi Lovelies, While catching up on a few blogs yesterday I found this TAG post on Kayleigh's aka Couture Girl Blog that was inspired by Jessica The Mod Mermaid, So I thought I would join in the tagging fun and give it ago.

When did you start your Blog?
I started my blog in January last year (2012), I wanted to start up a blog a long time before this but I kept putting it off thinking "why if no one actually read it?" And "why if my blogging isn't any good?", Then I made it my New Years Resolution and started it up in that January.

Have you had any past online presence (other Blog, YouTube)?
I have never had any post online presence before, only social media sites like good ole Face-pic when I was like 14, MySpace which then got taken over by Facebook, Then Facebook which I deleted because it was just childish and full of drama!
The only social media sites I use now are Twitter, Instagram and other Blog sites like Blog Lovin', Hello Cotton and She Said Beauty.

Why did you start a Blog?
I had read many Blogs and watched tonnes of YouTube videos before I started blogging and 3 of my Inspirations were Llymlrs , Corrie aka Dizzybrunette3 and Tanya Burr.
I'm mad on Fashion and Beauty and I'm forever trying out new beauty products that catch my eye, So I thought why not put it into a Blog so other girls can read up on products that I like and that I've tried out.

When did you become serious about Blogging?
At the start I was thinking "Is anyone even going to read this?" But then as soon as I started getting comments and views on my Blog I knew people must actually like it!
I think it started becoming serious around mid-November 2012, I was really passionate about it before this point but you can see that my photo's and writing got better from this point and looked more appealing, So I think my blog looked and came across much better after this point.

What has been your biggest challenge about Blogging?
I haven't really had anything challenging while Blogging!
Blogging for me is like a diary in which I write reviews, Tell you about products that I love and also give you a little insight of my life and what I've been up to.
The only challenge I've really had was when I first started Blogging and I didn't have a clue at all about blog design... But I've finally got the hang of all these HTML codes and I'm really loving my Blog design now.

Where do you see your Blog in one year?
In a year from now I still see myself Blogging away on Ohh So Glam, I'm so passionate about it and it's also something that I really enjoy and I also find it really rewarding when I read all your lovely comments.

What is the most rewarding thing to you about Blogging?
As mentioned above, One of the most rewarding things is reading all your comments and seeing all the views from you lovely readers out there!
What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
I have never had anything discouraging happen to me YET!... Maybe that might all change now!! But there are a few discouraging things I see, like girls that just start Blogging because they think because they have a Blog they are going to get tonnes of freebies!
When I first started Blogging I didn't get any freebies and I also didn't start Blogging because of that, I started because it's writing about the things that I love; It wasn't until the odd companies got in touch with me through my Blog or Twitter and asked me if they could send me a product for review consideration, and still now I get sent products for review consideration but the majority of my content is items that I've purchased myself.
Personally I think that girls that only Blog because they want free stuff give us hardworking Bloggers a bad name, you should blog because it's something you have a passion for!... Maybe this is where I get discouraging comments on my Blog now for voicing my opinion?? Ha!

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?
My lasting Inspiration and Motivation are the other Blogs and Bloggers out there.
I love reading other Blogs even more than I did before I started Blogging, Reading Blogs is also much better than reading magazines sometimes!
It's lovely to read other Bloggers thoughts on products, what they've loved, what they've hated and even though I don't do many Tag Posts it's always fun to read them and get inspiration from each other to take part in them.

I hope you have enjoyed this Tag Post, Please comment below your thoughts and also include your links below if you've joined in too.



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    1. Fab :) you'll have to send me the link if you do :) xx

  2. Loved reading your answers lovely :) totally agree about the people blogging for freebies too!! More and more people seem to be setting up blogs just for that reason which is quite sad to see :( xxx.

    1. Thanks doll :) I know it's really sad and it's a point that really gets me worked up =\ Glad it's not just me that thinks that :)

  3. lovely tag post! i might have to steal this one for the future! (will link you, of course, if i do!)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube


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