Wednesday, 17 April 2013

MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

Hi Lovelies, Ever since I started Blogging I have gradually paid more attention to my brows. I started off by using the Christian Eyebrow Kit and then moved on to Eyebrow Pencils, But I found my brows started to look really unnatural using eyebrow pencils... Until Now!
While shopping in Superdrug I came across the MUA Eyebrow Kit and had to purchase it as I have read so many great reviews about it and I couldn't turn it down for a bargain price of £3.50!

The MUA Pro-Brow Eyebrow Kit Includes:
♥ 3 Eyebrow Shades
♥ Fixing Gel
♥ Small Eyebrow Brush
♥ Mini Tweezers
♥ Handy Mirror

I don't use the tweezers in the kit as I do prefer my own tweezers and the brush isn't that great either but my favourite brush to use is Dirty Works Angled Eye Brush which is available from Sainsbury's, also a Mac 266 Brush works great for on brows too.

In the kit I use the darkest colour for my brows as this is the best match for me, but their are two other shades to use if your brows are lighter, You can also mix the shades together and also the lightest colour works well for a highlighter under the brows too.
I start by measuring where my brows should be (come on girls you should all know) and then draw a faint line using the edge of my brush so I can use this as a guideline.
I then line the underneath of my brows first as a nice clean line adds definition to your brows then I can easily fill them in taking care not to apply too much product as you don't want them to look too unnatural. I then finish off with a slick of the fixing gel, this just helps to keep any awkward hairs in place!

I'm so pleased with this little kit and I have also had lots of compliments on my brows after using the kit, People keep saying 'OMG are they your own brows, do you get them threaded?' and soon as I tell them no my eyebrows are quiet lame and I have to use an eyebrow kit they are actually quite surprised, So that's a good thing!

I give this product 9.5/10, I LOVE the eyebrow powders and the way the kit makes my eyebrows look, the only downside is the tweezers and the brush, but for a bargain of £3.50 you can't actually moan!

The MUA Pro-Brow kit is available from the MUA Website and also online and instore at Superdrug.
You can also see this kit on my March Favourites Blog and YouTube Video.

Have you tried the MUA Pro-Brow Kit? What's your favourite product to use on your brows?

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far.

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  1. I got this about 2 weeks ago it's amazing!

  2. I use the FashionistA brow palette which is a bit like this, but it's amazing... and I love powder on my brows now, such a convert! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I'm definitely going to have to pick this up soon, you're brows look gorg!



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