Friday, 12 April 2013

My Top 5 Favourite Spring/Summer Nail Polishes 2013

Left to Right: Essie Peach Daiquiri, Essie Tart Deco, Barry M Greenberry, Topshop Celestical & Topshop AWOL.

Hi Lovelies, As we are well into Spring (even though the weather isn't up to standard) I thought I would show you all my 5 Favourite Nail Polishes for Spring/Summer 13.
I have a YouTube video (above) showing you all my 5 favourites and below I have also wrote about them and included swatches of each colour.
Essie Peach Daiquiri.
This is a gorgeous Pink colour which I think also has Red and Orange tones to it too, It's such a bright and fruity colour that would look gorgeous in the Spring and Summer months on your fingers and toes showing off a gorgeous tan.
 Essie Tart Deco.
This is a lovely Orange/Coral colour, I'm not too keen on 'full on' orange shades but this has a lovely coral tone to it that makes it suit any skin tone.
The colour actually reminds me of a Cocktail, and Cocktails definitely scream out Summer!
Barry M Greenberry with Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter on top. A favourite combo of mine!
 Barry M Greenberry*.
This is from Barry M's Spring Gelly Range and this is a gorgeous Minty Turquoise colour.
It's lovely and bright on your nails and looks even better with a tan. I'm also a fan of wearing Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter (above) on top of this polish on my ring finger as it gives a cute and different look.
Topshop Celestical.
This is a lovely Light Blue colour, Blue isn't something I'd normally wear on my nails but this season something has drawn me into wearing this shade on my nails.
The Light Blue shade will look great with a tan and will look great with denim shorts and a pretty top in the summer sun (if we get any!).

Topshop AWOL.
How gorgeous is this colour? A Bright Royal Blue that will go with almost anything you decide to wear. AWOL has been a favourite of mine for a while now but it wasn't until the other day that I purchased it.
I must admit this is one of my favourites out of all 5 nail polishes and I think it would also team up nicely with Topshop Celestical.
Those are my 5 favourite Spring/Summer Nail Polishes, What are your favourites?
Let me know if you enjoyed the video to (apart from where I seem to babble on about my T-shirt and say 'whatever' in a random voice!), Don't forget to give it a Thumbs Up!

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  1. I love them all! I want AWOL but every time I have looked for it I can't find it! haha good post:) xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  2. I love ALL of those, especially the Essie shades...really cute Spring colours.

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

  3. I baught Essie tartdeco last week and havn't tried it yet....After seeing your post Im thinking im going to apply it today!I love the Topshop AWOL too.

  4. Ahh love Tart Deco! One of my faves too, I need to pick up Peach Daiquiri though it's gorgeous!


  5. I love your colour choices! They're all so colourful and different!


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