Saturday, 27 April 2013

NEW ! Disney Princess Lip Smacker

Hi Lovelies, As a huge Lipstick Fan, Keeping your lips moisturised is key as dry lips and Lipstick is a bad combination! We are all Little Girls at heart and these Disney Princess Lip Smackers* are uber cute and also leave your lips smooth, soft and smelling delicious!

Disney Princess Lip Smackers are available in 4 gorgeous flavours with a Disney Princess to suit your perfect pucker:

Cinderella: With the scent of vanilla and a hint of Palace Ball razzle-dazzle - this tasty lip balm will keep 
lips looking luscious and hydrated whether you’re down in the scullery or swooning in the arms of Prince 
The best choice for: girls in need of a magical night!
Ariel: Make a splash with Calypso Berry fl avour gloss, with a glimmer of glitter, to nourish and care for 
lips. With lips like this how could any mere landlubber resist?
The best choice for: water babes!
Snow White: if you love cherry lips you’ll love this Cherry Kiss balm, with a slight shimmer, a fruity taste 
and a hint of pink. Drive those dwarves crazy girl!
The best choice for: girls who like an entourage!
Belle: Tastes like Tea Party Treats! A natural coloured, moisturisng gloss with a sweet scent - to transform 
dry, beastly lips effortlessly into a beautiful pout.
The best choice for: beauty addicts!

I have the Snow White Lip Smacker and it's Cherry fragrance is so fruity and is perfect to wear under my favourite Lipstick or when my lips are feeling a little dry. Also my 5 year old is forever trying to have some of my lipstick on before School and now she has spotted this in my bag she has decided to keep it for herself. I think I need to get myself some of the other Disney Princesses now and keep them out of her sight! ha

The Disney Princess Lip Smackers are available from Debenhams and retail at £3.

Why not channel your inner princess with the new Lip Smacker Disney Collection?

Have you tried the Disney Lip Smackers? Which Princess are you?

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  1. wow..would love to give it a try

  2. I love these! I saw them in Debenhams yesterday and really should have picked some up. There's a tin you can get with 5 in, currently 20% off making it £8. I might have to splurge...


  3. Wow love them! need to get them all :) very cute.


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