Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Topshop Awol | PLUS Kukee Above Knuckle Ring

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all having a lovely week so far, I can't believe how quick it's going, but at least that means the weekend will soon be here!
At the start of April I purchased 2 Nail Polishes from Topshop and also included them in my Spring/Summer Favourite Nail Polishes Blog Post and YouTube Video, One of those Nail Polishes was Celestical and the other was AWOL which I'm showing you today.

For a while I had been lusting over AWOL but My local Topshop was always sold out and I didn't want to purchase it online as I wanted to see the colour in person. Finally My local Topshop had it in stock and the colour didn't disappoint at all!
Topshop AWOL is a gorgeous Electic Royal Blue colour, Some of you might think why did you pick such a dark colour for your Spring/Summer favourites? But I love it's vibrance and it looks amazing with a tan.
Topshop Nail Polishes are great in general too, they apply great, only need two coats and I think their dry time is average really. I know a few bloggers have said that they take ages to dry but I find they dry at an average time that any other Nail Polish does.

Topshop Nail Polishes retail at £5 each or 2 for £8 which I think is a reasonable price for any Nail Polish and Topshop also have some other cute colours too. I've also spotted 2 other colours I'm really loving at the moment, Venus Flytrap and Collegiate, So I think I might have to purchase these next!

 Kukee Above Knuckle Ring.

Pictured above you will also notice 2 Above Knuckle Rings from Kukee, We all received a piece of Kukee Jewellery in our #BrumBloggerMeet Goodie Bags. These rings aren't something that I would normally wear, but after trying them I really love them and think they look really cute on the Ring Finger.
Kukee is an affordable, on trend and super quirky online Jewellery Store that has some gorgeous Jewellery on for amazing prices! I think I might have to have a little splurge on this website sometime soon, So you never know you might see a Kukee Haul from Me soon!

Have you tried Topshop AWOL or any of the lovely Jewellery from Kukee?
Also let me know what your favourite Topshop Nail Polish is.

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  1. What a great colour! It's so bright! I really need to try out some topshop polishes!


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    . Thanks for posting it on your blog.

  3. It;s such a beautiful nail polish shade, perfect for Summer! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. What a stunning colour! It really really suits you! X


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