Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Ramblings #10

♥ In last week's Weekly Ramblings #9 I mentioned that I was off out with my Boyfriend for a Yummy meal, It was so lovely to get some quality time together and the food we ate was delish! #WINNING
♥ I had my 2nd Laser Hair Removal treatment this week, I'm getting used to it now and I can't wait until all of my treatments are over so I can see the results. You can read about my first laser hair treatment Here and an update on my 2nd treatment will be up next week.
♥ It was the Brum Blogger Meet Up Yesterday and OMG I had such an amazing time! A huge thanks to Sara, Chloe and Hayley for organising such a fabulous day! We all had lots of fun and it was great to meet all the other Blogger Girlies!
♥ Today I've had such a lazy morning (see photo above) I have been in my Onesie, Indulging in Lucky Charms and Krispy Kreme's while editing my Vlog on the Birmingham Meet Up which will be up later! Also I will have a blog post up tomorrow on our fun Blogger day including lots of pictures, Then on Tuesday I will have my #Brumbloggermeet Haul up and our goodie bags from the meet up.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Definitely going to follow your updates on laser hair removal, I've always wanted to know more about it! :)

    I'm dying to try Krispy Kremes!!


    1. Oh Fab :) You'll know more about it after more treatments I have done. But I'm happy with my experience so far :)

      Sarah xx

  2. Love these chatty types of posts honey! You look gorge in the photo :) my boyfriend and I went for a meal last night too - we never get to spend much quality time together so that was lovely!! I'm off to read your laser hair removal post now too - I'm intrigued! Xx.

    1. Oh how lovely for you to comment on my blog... I'm a loyal reader to your Blog :)

      I know we've decided to do something every Sunday at least once a month. It's nice and special then!
      Hope you had a lovely meal last night & yeah I have only done one post on the Laser Hair Removal, But got my 2nd post to come next week and will keep doing them monthly until all my treatments are over, I'm loving the results so far though!

      Sarah xx


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