Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Non Beauty Favourites

Hi Lovelies, Following on from Last Month's first ever Non Beauty Favourites Blog Post, It's time for my Non Beauty Favourites from April.

Drink: Douwe Egberts Vanilla Coffee.

I love Vanilla Latte's from Starbucks but I can never seem to get the taste right when I use syrup at home but while food shopping I noticed this Douwe Egberts Vanilla Coffee and it is so yummy and makes a change to drinking 'normal' coffee at home most days. 

Food: Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations-Jelly Popping Candy Shells.

This Chocolate is SOOOOOOO Yummy! It has jelly sweet pieces in and also popping candy! I can't really say much more about it except if you haven't tried it, your missing out!

Jewellery: Kukee Above Knuckle Rings.

How cute are these Kukee above knuckle rings? And also for a bargain £1.50!! Kukee also have some other amazing Jewellery on their website for such fantastic prices. You can check out my NOTD Blog Post which I feature these gorgeous rings.

Technology: Style My Fone Anime Geek-Chic iPhone Case.

I had this Cute iPhone Case from, It's so cute and her fab website is coming soon with tonnes of other gorgeous phone cases. You can follow her on Twitter (@Stylemyfone) and also check out her Advertisers Post as she is advertising on my Blog during May.

Television: UFC & WWE.

This is a bit of a random one as your probably all thinking ''what? she watches those programs?'' Yes, Me and My Boyfriend used to watch UFC & WWE Religiously until about a year ago then we only watched it every now and then, but we have now found our love for them both again and have been watching WWE every week and the last two UFC's, I know you might think they are a bit violent (even though Wrestling is more Acting) but it's something Me and My Boyfriend both love and enjoy watching together.

What are your Non Beauty Favourites?

Don't forget to check out my April Favourites Blog Post and YouTube Video.



  1. I love your Twitter mug, and your rings are really pretty too.
    Come and check out my first ever blog sale :)

  2. That coffee is lovely, I have the caramel one too.


  3. oh i love a good non beauty favs xxx

  4. Aww those little knuckle rings are SO adorable!


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