Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday Favourite | Bank Onesies

Hi Lovelies, I know we are currently in Spring at the moment but we are still having chilly evenings at the moment and come on, what girl doesn't like to have a lazy Sunday chilling in her Onesie? I know I do!
Bank has got so many gorgeous designs at the moment to make sure you're still looking good even though your rockin' a onesie!

Here are some of my Favourite Designs from Bank Fashion:

Blonde & Blonde Aztec Onesie.

I'm a huge fan of these styles of Onesies and my Boyfriend is also a fan of these in the Mens too.
This onesie also has zip pockets too, You're probably thinking 'why would your Onesie need pockets?' But it could come in handy to put my money in there ready for when the Delivery Man drops my Chinese off on a Sunday Night! Ha

Lipsy VIP Onesie.

Come on Girls, we are all Very Important Princess's and this Onesie makes sure everyone knows just that! It's black design also makes it look really elegant too, So if you did have an unexpected knock at the door you wouldn't scare that person off compared to being in a Bunny or Tiger Onesie!

Lipsy Drama Queen Onesie.

This Bright Pink velor 'Drama Queen' Onesie is perfect for any Girlie Girl wanting to make a statement! I wouldn't want to be seen in public in this Onesie as it's a little too bright for the public to see me in, but it's perfect for lounging around the house in and to remind the Boyfriend that you're a Drama Queen, So he better hurry up and get the kettle on!

Blonde & Blonde GEEK Onesie.

GEEK T-Shirts, GEEK Hoodies and now GEEK Onesies! I do love the whole 'GEEK' Trend and love the preppiness (if that's even a word) of this Onesie, also the Burgundy shade is one of my favourite colours too.

How do you rock your Onesie? Are you just the indoor type or are you happy to pop to the shops for a bottle of milk in your Onesie?

Check out the Bank Fashion Website for some amazing Onesies.



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