Friday, 31 May 2013

London Day 1

Hi Lovelies, Last Weekend Me and My Boyfriend visited London for a couple of days as a gift from me for his 30th Birthday and we also visited Comic Con which will be in Day 2's Blog Post tomorrow.
On Friday Morning we headed off to London so we could have a jam packed day sightseeing around London, But first things first we needed a McDonald's Breakfast as soon as we got off the Train!
After indulging in Breakfast we headed to the Underground and decided to make our first stop at Embankment to see Big Ben, Westminster and the London Eye. Trust it to start pouring with rain as soon as we got off the Underground!
After seeing Big Ben, Westminster and the London Eye we decided to take a walk around the River Thames and then came across a Wagamama's! It was only 11.30am and only 2 hours after eating Breakfast but you can't say no to a yummy Wagamama's by the riverside plus we needed to keep our energy up for the rest of the day (well that's my excuse!).

Instagram Pics.
Instagram Pics.
Instagram Pics.

After filling our Bellies yet again we headed back to the Underground and decided to make our next stop at Knightsbridge to visit Harrods. I haven't been to Harrods since I was little and I forgot how big it was, So we ended up spending a good hour in there and I personally loved the Kids section! Ha.
After being Rain-free for an hour we headed back into the rain to Oxford Street where we visited the amazing Hamley's...Hello Inner Child! Me and My Boyfriend absolutely loved it in there and we could have come out with so many childish things for ourselves but we had to be Adult about it and say No! Sad Face. Even though I really wished I picked up a swimming Penguin for the Bath! Ha.
After Hamley's we was going to head back to the Hotel to freshen up ready for the evening but my Toms were like paddling pools so we headed to Marble Arch to do a little shopping and to buy me some more rain friendly footwear!

We finally arrived at the Hotel, freshened up and had a relax for an hour then headed on the Tube to Covent Garden. This was so funny because we saw a lift when we got off the Tube but we thought we'd be hardcore and take on the 193 steps! OMG if you ever go to Covent Garden take my advice and use the Lift, I was 3/4 of the way up and my legs were killing me, people infront were slowing down and by the time I reached the top my legs were killing me and I was desperate for a drink. Or maybe I'm just so unfit!
We was going to go to the Cinema in Covent Garden and have a meal but we opted for just a meal because the Cinema wasn't showing the film that we wanted to watch. So we headed to Cantina Laredo and Indulged in some yummy Mexican food and drink. We had Top Shelf Guacamole for starter which is prepared at your table and I indulged in a El Cubano Cocktail, then for our main course My Boyfriend had Chicken Fajitas and I had Chicken Tacos Cascabel.
This Mexican Restaurant is one of the best Mexican Restaurants I have eaten in with great quality food, excellent service and delicious cocktails. I highly recommend it if you are visiting Covent Garden.

Instagram Pics.

After our gorgeous meal we headed to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus to have a little stroll and wonder in a few shops, then out feet had finally had enough and it was time to get a little Beauty Sleep ready for our next busy day ahead!

So that was our Day 1 in London! Head back over Tomorrow to read all about Day 2 in London and all about Comic Con.

What's your favourite place in London?



  1. Awww this sounds like a really good day out, shame about the weather. That mexican restaurant sounds good, will have to take a visit next time I'm up there, I love trying new food places xx

  2. Sounds like a fab weekend! I love London so much, my brother lives there so it's a great excuse to visit several times a year. I love your pic next to Cinderella - I did the exact same thing last time I went to London but mine was with Sleeping Beauty ;) xx

  3. Sounds like you had a brill time. Love Hamley's too - we got so carried away in there! Covent Garden is gorgeous as well but we didn't brave the steps - go you for giving it a shot x


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