Friday, 28 June 2013

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer

Hi Lovelies, For the last month I have been trying out the Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer in Beige*. I love it's packaging with the concealer in the lid as it reminds me of a La Prairie Foundation that I once purchased many years ago, but it came with a hefty price tag!
The Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance retails at £28.00 from Hairtrade and it feels like absolute perfection on the skin. It's Light-Medium coverage leaves your skin looking dewy and radiant and it's handy concealer blends into the skin like a dream to disguise any under eye darkness or blemishes without looking dry and chalky.

A Light-Medium Coverage isn't something I'd normally go for but during the Spring/Summer months it leaves your skin looking more natural and fresh.
Overall I'm really happy with this foundation the only negative I can say about it is that it's only available in 4 different shades.

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer retails at £28.00 and is available from leading Hair Extension Website,

Have you tried the Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation? What's your favourite Summer Foundation?


Thursday, 27 June 2013

John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Hi Lovelies, I think most us are fans of a little volume in our Hair. Right? Well John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Range helps to transform fine/flat hair into gorgeous, more natural looking volume locks.
I have 3 products from the Range*, Touchably Full Shampoo, Conditioner and Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray. Eventhough my hair doesn't look fine, it is fine but there's lots of it. So lets put it to the test!

Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner. RRP £5.99.

The Shampoo and Conditioner smell really fruity and I find the shampoo to be really moisturising as soon as I massage it into my scalp as it doesn't make my hair and extensions all knot up like other shampoos do.
The Conditioner is also really moisturising too but it's really clever because on fine hair moisturising conditioners can weigh the hair down making it look flat and lifeless, but this didn't do that. Also my Hair Extensions were really easy to comb through while wet, when normally I have to put on a treatment to make them easy to manage and be tangle free, So this was an added bonus!

Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray. RRP £6.99.

I did a few sprays of this in the roots of my towel dried hair and then blasted my hair dry with my hairdryer, While it was still slightly damp I also added a few more sprays to the top sections of my hair and finished off drying using my Denman Brush to create more volume.
This left my hair feeling really full and the volume even lasted all day! I kept wanting to swish my hair around as my hair was left feeling really glamorous and bouncy.

I'm really happy with the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range, I need to go and purchase the larger shampoo and conditioner now as they are nearly empty!

Have you tried the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range? What's your favourite John Frieda Product?


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Not Another Leopard Print NOTD !

Hi Lovelies, After my Pastel Leopard Print NOTD on Monday I purchased two more MUA Nail Polishes to add to my collection in Amaretto Crush and All Nude, and it wasn't long until I had to try them out and do another Leopard Print Nail Look using them.
Amaretto Crush is a pretty Salmon Pink that I applied 3 coats of to my nails and All Nude is a really subtle grey colour that I also applied 3 coats of, but only onto my Ring Finger and Thumb. I then added some random dots of Amaretto Crush on top of All Nude and finished off the Leopard Print using my Barry M Nail Art Pen.

I really love these two shades and I also think they really compliment each other when worn together.

Have you tried the new MUA Bargain £1 Polishes? I nearly have all of the shades now.


Guest Post | Summer Staple: Tee Dress by Vanese - Vanzthemachinee

Hey lovelies,
I'm Vanese. I run a blog called Vanzthemachinee and I blog all about fashion, beauty and add some lifestyle posts in there too. I love Sarah's blog and I am so happy to be doing a guest post on here. Today I'll be showing my staple piece dress for the summer! :)

Tee Dress - Topshop/ Blazer - Asos Market Place/ Chunky Boots - Simply Be/ Headband - Primark

I absolutely love dressing in the summer. My skirts and dress collection is growing very nicely. A lot of shops are now selling cute little tee dresses that are so simple to style. I got this grey speckled Topshop tee dress as a present for my 18th birthday back in March. I haven't actually gotten that much wear out of it yet but as the weather is warming up ever so nicely in London, this little beauty is making more appearances. I decided to pair my dress with my dogtooth blazer that is so easy to chuck on instead of a coat now that the weather is hotting up. I love how versatile it is. It's a favourite piece of mine as I can wear it from day to night.

Lastly, I got these amazing chunky boots from Simply Be last week. Boots are becoming so popular at the moment and they're so easy to style with any outfit. They really do top off any outfit. I can't wait to get more of these dresses and have fun styling them up! 

What are your staple pieces to wear in summer?


I also have Twitter which is @vanzthemachine & my Instagram name is also vanzthemachine. :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Instagram Wall

Hi Lovelies, So as you all know I have been decorating my bedroom for the last couple of weeks and one thing I created as a surprise for my Boyfriend was an Instagram Wall. Lots of Instagram Walls I have seen are Photo's stuck directly to the wall but I didn't fancy doing that so I purchased this Ikea Ribba 100x70cm frame to put them in.

I printed my Instagram Photos using the website Polargram and I had 48 pictures in total that are printed onto Polaroid style photo card/paper for only £10 including postage. Once I received my Polargram Prints I then used my Sharpie to write captions underneath each picture.
The back of my photo frame was a beige/wood colour so I had to paint this with 2 coats of White Gloss Paint and leave to fully dry before I could add my pictures to it. Once it was fully dry I then marked out even gaps using a tape measure and masking tape and then stuck my photos on using double sided sticky tabs, Altogether I used 45 pictures in total.

I'm really happy with my Instagram Wall/Picture as it has lots of Pictures from years of great memories of Me, My Boyfriend and our Little Family. My Boyfriend really loved what I had done too.

What do you think of this idea?


Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday Manicure | Pastel Leopard Print

Hi Lovelies, After decorating for the last couple of weeks it feels great to finally have my Nails painted again! I opted for one of my Favourite shades, MUA Pistachio Ice Cream and thought I would jazz it up a little with a Pastel Leopard Print using MUA Strawberry Crush, MUA Frozen Youghurt and My Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black to draw around the spots to make the Leopard Print Design.
I only added the Leopard Print to my Thumb and Ring Finger as I think painting every nail with Leopard Print can look a little too much and I also don't have the patience to sit there for that long painting every nail!

What do you think of this nail look? What's your favourite Nail Art?


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekly Ramblings #19

♥ As you all know I have been busy redecorating my bedroom while my Boyfriend was on a Stag-do for 5 days and FINALLY it's finished! As you can tell by the photo above I'm happy about it.
♥ One of my favourite features I created in our room as a surprise for my Boyfriend was an Instagram Wall. I'm so happy with how it turned out and will have a Blog Post up all about it next week.
♥ After my Boyfriend being on a Stag-do in Magaluf for 5 days he finally came back on Wednesday after what seemed to be a lifetime! It was so great to have him back, we missed each other loads but I'm glad he had such a good time with the Lads, some of the stories are hilarious!!

What have you been up to this week? Any plans for next week?


Friday, 21 June 2013

Want to be a Guest Blogger on Ohh So Glam?

Image: Weheartit Edited By Me.

Hi Lovelies, I have decided that I want to feature some of you lovely Bloggers on My Blog. I'm hoping to feature at least one Blogger per week on my Blog as a 'Guest Blogger'.
You can write anything you want to as long as it's Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle related and I will schedule you a day that your post will go Live.

If you are Interested in being a Guest Blogger on my Blog then you can either contact me on Twitter: @Sarah22xoxo, Email Me: or leave a comment below with your Email Address and I will get back to you.


Keeping the Kids Occupied this Summer... The British Library

Hi Lovelies, With the 6 weeks Holiday creeping up on us, Us Mom's and Dad's always worry what on earth are we going to do to keep the kids occupied? And for a low cost? But while visiting London a few weeks ago I didn't realise that there was so many places that you could visit for free.
One of those places is The British Library which is free to get into and they also have an exhibition on at the moment until September called Propaganda: Power and Persuasion, which is free for under 18's and only £9 for adults.
The Library also have 5 floors which is sure to keep the kids occupied for a good couple of hours and can help to educate them while they are away from school.
I have so many places I want to share with you all that are great for the kids this Summer so I will do a more in-depth Blog Post with more of my favourites at a later date.

What's your favourite place to take your kids in the Holidays? Have you visited The British Library?


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sleek Lipstick Palette | Siren

Hi Lovelies, Just before I visited London for My Boyfriends 30th Birthday I was scouring through Superdrug trying to find some Orange shade Lipsticks to add to my collection when I came across this Sleek Palette that had 4 gorgeous lip colours in for only £8.99.
In the Sleek Lipstick Palettes you get a colour rich lipstick quad with 3 different formulations (Gloss, Satin and Matt) to create a variety of looks. The handy compact design also has a full mirror too, which is always a plus for me!

TOP: Love Me & Desire Me BOTTOM: Miss Me & Kiss Me.


Love Me (Gloss) Is a Bright Red shade with a slight Pink tone. It is a lovely colour but not something I'd choose to wear on myself and it also does get a little messy as this is a Gloss and it also does stain a little.

Desire Me (Satin) Is a gorgeous Pink based Coral shade that is perfect to make a statement this summer!

Miss Me (Matt) Is a more creamy and lighter Orange/Coral shade that has a Matt finish yet I don't find that it drys my lips out like other Matt Lipsticks do.

Kiss Me (Satin) Is a bright Orange shade which I like to mix with Miss Me to brighten Miss Me up a little.

These colours are best to be applied using the handy lip brush in the palette or your own favourite lip brush, as I find the darker/brighter colours to stain a little, and there's nothing worse than having all lipstick smeared on the tips of your fingers!
Another great thing about these quads is that you can mix the shades to give a unique colour and also you can wear the colours lightly on the lips for more of a subtle effect or build the colour for more of a dramatic look.

I know a few people aren't keen on the whole 'Lip Palette Thing' but I think it's a great way to try out new shades and you do kind of get 4 Lipsticks for £8.99. I love all the shades in this Lip Palette apart from Love Me as it's a little too dramatic for me, but I definitely want to try more of the Sleek Lip Palettes now.

Sleek Makeup is available Online and also from Superdrug.

Do you have any favourite Lip Palettes? What's your all-time favourite Lip Colour?


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Weekly Ramblings #18

Image: Weheartit

Hi Lovelies. Hope you are all ok. As you all know from last week's Weekly Ramblings Blog Post I have been busy redecorating my bedroom as My Boyfriend went on a Stag-do to Magaluf on Saturday until Tonight, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get it all finished while he's away.
I started most of the decorating last week but have wallpapered and painted this weekend. I also had a trip to Ikea and purchased lots of accessories and also got an amazing new wardrobe.

I'm also doing an Instagram wall in my bedroom with lots of my Instagram photo's that I printed using the amazing website, but instead of sticking them directly to the wall I have placed them in a large frame from Ikea instead. My Boyfriend doesn't know about the Instagram wall yet as I'm going to surprise him, Lets just hope he doesn't read this! Ha

What have you been up to this week? Let me know if you'd like to see a Room Tour Blog Post or even YouTube video and I will have a Blog Post up next week showing my Instagram Wall.

Sorry again for the lack of Blog Posts over the last few weeks as I have been sooooo busy, but from Friday I will be back on track! Phew.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Get Arty with Barry M Nail Art Pens

Hi Lovelies, Barry M haven't disappointed us lately with all it's fabulous Nail Polish releases and to make it even better they now have 4 Nail Art Pens available to buy in the shades Black, Silver, White and Pink.
I have the shade Black and these Nail Art Pens are so easy to use, all you have to do is push down on the nib and then voila you have easy flowing Nail Polish that is as easy to use as a felt tip pen!

To test out this Nail Art Pen I drew a few designs on 2 of my favourite Barry M Nail Polish Shades, Mint Green and Peach Melba. This pen was so easy to use that I now can't wait to draw some designs up on my own nails but I best wait until I've finished decorating otherwise they won't last that long!

I love these Nail Art Pens and they are one of the easiest that I have ever used. I must pick up the other shades now!

Barry M is available Online and also in Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried the Barry M Nail Art Pens? What's your favourite Nail Art?


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Weekly Ramblings #17

Image: We Heart It.

♥ Me and my Boyfriend have decided to do some decorating in our bedroom, So the next 2 weeks are going to be manic! I apologise in advance for the lack of Blog Posts/YouTube Videos, but I could do a Room Tour when it's all done? Let me know what you think.
♥ My Little Girl lost her first tooth this week! I can't believe how quick she is growing up. Where does the time go?
♥ My Boyfriend is off on a Stag Do this weekend to Magaluf #CRINGE! It's going to be weird without him around for 5 days but at least I can get on with decorating the bedroom with out a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Feud on how to build flat pack furniture from Ikea! Ha.

What have you been up to this week? Hope you are all having a lovely week so far.

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