Saturday, 1 June 2013

London Day 2 | Comic Con

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Hi Lovelies, Following on from My London Day 1 Blog Post it's time to hear all about our 2nd day in London. So we woke up early Saturday Morning to get to Comic Con early, we skipped breakfast and headed straight to the Underground to get The Tube and DLR to Excel London. Before queuing to get in we stopped for a Bagel first and looked on at all the costumes that people had turned up in, Seeing lots of people waiting to get in we thought it was best we joined the queue to avoid being in for a long wait!
We finally got into the main arena and OMG this was so crazy, My Boyfriend had warned me that people were going to be dressing up but I thought it was just going to be your 'Bog Standard' Batman and Robin but this was another level of dressing up! I give so much credit to those that dressed up because the amount of thought and effort that went into their costumes was absolutely amazing!

Instagram Snaps!

After being in Comic Con for just over 3 hours My Boyfriend had tried out all the games he wanted (even I had a bash on one of them) and seeing everything else that we wanted to we decided that we would head back into Central London to grab some Lunch and then head over to Buckingham Palace.
The weather had completely changed compared to the day before so we just chilled outside Buckingham Palace. We then stopped off at The Shakespeare Tavern which was near for a quick drink while we decided where to go next.

Next we visited The Tower of London and then stopped off at The Scoop the other side of the River where they were playing live music with a range of food and drink stalls plus the atmosphere was great!
After chilling here for a while our feet decided that they had finally had enough so we made our way to the Train Station and had yet another bite to eat before making our way home.

Me and My Boyfriend had such a lovely time in London and at Comic Con, I only wish we had that little bit longer down there!

What do you like to do in London? Have you ever been to Comic Con?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. I really really love your blog!
    Please check out mine its a beauty fashion and lifestyle too :)

  2. aw sounds like a really fun day. I bet my bf would love comic con maybe I'll take him next year.

    Great blog hun I'm now following!


  3. My boyfriend would love that convention as he's massively into comics/video games. Bet your chap had a great time x


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