Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday Manicure | Pastel Leopard Print

Hi Lovelies, After decorating for the last couple of weeks it feels great to finally have my Nails painted again! I opted for one of my Favourite shades, MUA Pistachio Ice Cream and thought I would jazz it up a little with a Pastel Leopard Print using MUA Strawberry Crush, MUA Frozen Youghurt and My Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black to draw around the spots to make the Leopard Print Design.
I only added the Leopard Print to my Thumb and Ring Finger as I think painting every nail with Leopard Print can look a little too much and I also don't have the patience to sit there for that long painting every nail!

What do you think of this nail look? What's your favourite Nail Art?



  1. ooo these are gorgeous really need to buy pistachio ice cream xx

    1. It took months for me to find it in stock. It's such a popular shade and a bargain for only £1! x

  2. I have Pistachio Ice Cream :) it's such a pretty shade! Your nails look stunning xx

  3. Those colours look perfect together!cant believe how much those polishes look like Essie!

  4. I love leopard print nails and these colours are perfect! :)

    Jess xo

  5. These are seriously fabulous! Such skill and patience. xx


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