Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sleek Lipstick Palette | Siren

Hi Lovelies, Just before I visited London for My Boyfriends 30th Birthday I was scouring through Superdrug trying to find some Orange shade Lipsticks to add to my collection when I came across this Sleek Palette that had 4 gorgeous lip colours in for only £8.99.
In the Sleek Lipstick Palettes you get a colour rich lipstick quad with 3 different formulations (Gloss, Satin and Matt) to create a variety of looks. The handy compact design also has a full mirror too, which is always a plus for me!

TOP: Love Me & Desire Me BOTTOM: Miss Me & Kiss Me.


Love Me (Gloss) Is a Bright Red shade with a slight Pink tone. It is a lovely colour but not something I'd choose to wear on myself and it also does get a little messy as this is a Gloss and it also does stain a little.

Desire Me (Satin) Is a gorgeous Pink based Coral shade that is perfect to make a statement this summer!

Miss Me (Matt) Is a more creamy and lighter Orange/Coral shade that has a Matt finish yet I don't find that it drys my lips out like other Matt Lipsticks do.

Kiss Me (Satin) Is a bright Orange shade which I like to mix with Miss Me to brighten Miss Me up a little.

These colours are best to be applied using the handy lip brush in the palette or your own favourite lip brush, as I find the darker/brighter colours to stain a little, and there's nothing worse than having all lipstick smeared on the tips of your fingers!
Another great thing about these quads is that you can mix the shades to give a unique colour and also you can wear the colours lightly on the lips for more of a subtle effect or build the colour for more of a dramatic look.

I know a few people aren't keen on the whole 'Lip Palette Thing' but I think it's a great way to try out new shades and you do kind of get 4 Lipsticks for £8.99. I love all the shades in this Lip Palette apart from Love Me as it's a little too dramatic for me, but I definitely want to try more of the Sleek Lip Palettes now.

Sleek Makeup is available Online and also from Superdrug.

Do you have any favourite Lip Palettes? What's your all-time favourite Lip Colour?



  1. Desire me and miss me look gorgeous colours, love that there is a variety of finishes in this palette xx

  2. Desire me and miss me look gorgeous colours, love that there is a variety of finishes in this palette xx

  3. I have also heard a few negative things about this product but it looks good :) x

  4. The colours are gorgeous, but i don't know if i'd reach for a quad enough or not! Love my tube lippies! xx

  5. These colours look gorgeous! I'm not a fan of lip palettes myself, but I'm finding myself more and more drawn to them as I see gorgeous ones like these... plus it can't hurt to try new things, right? ;)


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