Friday, 21 June 2013

Want to be a Guest Blogger on Ohh So Glam?

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Hi Lovelies, I have decided that I want to feature some of you lovely Bloggers on My Blog. I'm hoping to feature at least one Blogger per week on my Blog as a 'Guest Blogger'.
You can write anything you want to as long as it's Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle related and I will schedule you a day that your post will go Live.

If you are Interested in being a Guest Blogger on my Blog then you can either contact me on Twitter: @Sarah22xoxo, Email Me: or leave a comment below with your Email Address and I will get back to you.



  1. I'd love to guest post on your blog! My email is drop me a line if you're interested lovely :) x

  2. I am interested in writing a guest post on your blog :) My email is :) xxx

  3. Hi Sarah! this is such a cool idea never thought of doing this, but I would love to feature on here and have you feature on my blog aswell if you are interested in my blog and my style :) email is

    Jen x

  4. I am interested on writing something for your blog, so I would love if you email me at
    Thank you!


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