Thursday, 25 July 2013

Feel Fabulous this Summer with B-Sensible

Sleep is the best beauty remedy…

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all ok. A few weeks ago I received a B-Sensible King Size Fitted Sheet to try out and before trying out this product I normally have just a regular plain fitted sheet that you can pick up in your local Asda or M&S, So when I heard about this product I couldn't wait to try it out and see why it was different to the rest.

B-Sensible has created a “new dawn” in bedding for everyone which acts like a “second skin”. The range offers unique bedding products that ensure you stay dry and comfortable throughout the night thanks to the innovative fibre called Tencel. Tencel is known as the “new age fibre” as it absorbs moisture naturally. The eco-friendly fibre is made from the wood found on the Eucalyptus tree, and has natural cooling mechanisms to control temperature and humidity. 
The B-Sensible range of products are available in most sizes and are perfect for your individual needs as they offer very discrete, waterproof, breathable, hypo-allergenic, thermo regulating and ecofriendly bedding. Plus no additional under sheet or mattress protector is required so you have 2 sheets in 1! You can sleep soundly knowing that your mattress and pillows will remain stain free and fresh.

First impressions after taking the product out of it's handy carry bag and box I found that it didn't feel like I thought it would. When I heard the word 'waterproof' I was expecting it to be a thick plastic undercoating like you get on some waterproof bed sheets for children but because this didn't have that it felt as natural as sleeping on an ordinary fitted sheet except it does much more than your average fitted sheet.
This is great for me as I'm constantly having cups of tea in bed and spilling them so that means it won't damage the most important part of your bed-The Mattress and also on a Friday my little girl has breakfast in bed with me as my boyfriend is in work really early and a few times she spills milk onto the sheet so this means again that the mattress won't get ruined.

Also in the hot muggy evenings we have had over the summer it stays cool and doesn't make you feel really hot and clammy like other materials can do. Next I think I need to try out the Pillowcases as sometimes when my hair has been still slightly wet for bed it has damaged my pillow, so this will be an added bonus.

This product would also be great if you have small children that are still having a few accidents during the night as being a Mum I know that those bed pads that you can buy are no good and still ruin your mattress.

Some other great ways to get a good night sleep:

• Keep to a regular sleep schedule. So try and stick to the same number of hours sleep each day, plus the same bedtime and getting up time. This will make you feel far more energised when you awake!
• If you are finding sleeping difficult, try reading a book in soft light, this should do the trick!
• Eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise will improve your forty winks routine. Avoid eating heavy meals late at night, and cut down on caffeine. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day, which won’t only help your sleeping pattern but your skin too.
• Prepare for sleep one to two hours before you go to bed. By getting into a relaxing routine, you will find sleeping easier when your head finally hits the pillow.
• Prepare your bedroom. Keep the room cool and fit blackout blinds to ensure darkness.
• Stress can be a major factor toward lack of sleep. Try to loosen your mind and write a ‘to do list’ to prevent overthinking during the night.
• Meditation can be an excellent choice to clear your mind of the day’s worries, leading to a restful night.

Have you tried out any of the B-Sensible Products?
Check out the B-Sensible Website for a list of stockists.

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