Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Guest Post | Ice Cream Nails by Olivia - Never Ending Nails

Hello everyone! First of all, my name is Olivia and I own a little blog called Never Ending Nails. It's all based around the nail polish I buy, different nail art I create, the odd review, and little snippets about what I've been doing in the week! Secondly, I want to say a huge thank you to Sarah for letting me do a guest blog. I love her blog, and it's a huge privilege to have my nail art shown on it. And thirdly, how hot has the UK been recently?! The summer has pounced on us, and I am loving it! This is what I'll be using as my inspiration for my nail art.
I used the idea of ice creams and lovely, pastel, summery shades to create this manicure. I did it all free-hand, and I am quite pleased with the outcome! (Big apologies for my awful cuticles. I have a terrible 'picking' habit.)

I mainly used Barry M products, as they are my favourite brand and the finish is so smooth. You're guaranteed to finish with a beautiful set of paws!

For the little ice cream cones, I used a base coat of Barry M's Papaya or Green Berry Gelly, as they are such lovely and vibrant, yet still pastel, shades. For the cone I used Lychee, which is also a Barry M Gelly. I painted the ice cream on with Barry M's Matt White, and added little drips with their white nail art pen. The little cherry and criss-cross pattern were done with red and black unbranded nail art pens. Finally, the sprinkles were done with Barry M's Dolly Mixture Confetti (which is a total must-have, it's fabulous!).

The 'Fab' ice lolly nail was a lot less complicated to create. I just did a base coat of the Matt White, and then added the two stripes (in Barry M's Pomegranate Gelly, and Mushroom). Then I used the Dolly Mixture Confetti, again, to do the sprinkles! I love 'Fabs', and they're definitely a great treat to have on a baking hot day.

Last of all, I have my two polka dot nails. I used a base coat of Barry M's Guava Gelly (which is one of my favourite shades in the range) or Dragonfruit Gelly. Then I added the polka dots with Barry M's white nail art pen! I gave every nail a slick of top coat, to seal in the designs and for the extra shine.

If I did the manicure again, I would maybe use some different brands. However, I do think that the colours I chose really suit this weather that we're having here at the moment. 
Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you enjoyed it. And thank you once again to Sarah for having me! I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

- Olivia x

What a fabulous post from Oliva, I think I may have to try this nail look out myself! Don't forget to check out my MAC Giveaway and If you'd like to be a Guest Blogger then check out this Link.


  1. That is adorable & such a good idea!

  2. These are amazing! What an awesome guest post :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. ooooh your nails look amazing, best nail art I've seen in a while!

    Project Rattlebag


  4. I think I might be a little bit in love with this design! So cute and summery xx


  5. These look amazing! I would neverrrrr be able to do this in a million years, but wow - in love!

    Holly Mixtures

  6. Wow these look amazing, I wish I was this talented :)

  7. OMG! I have never seen nails like this before! The Fab lolly one is downright amazing--my favourite lolly when I was a kid--and I am a total sucker for polka-dots. Beautiful work!


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