Thursday, 4 July 2013

My MUA Nail Polish Collection

Hi Lovelies, As most of you may know I'm a huge Nail Polish Junkie, So I thought I would show you all of the new MUA £1 Nail Polishes I have added to my Nail Polish Collection.
The new MUA £1 Nail Polishes are pretty similar in design to the Essie Polishes apart from the MUA Bottles are a little smaller. The new MUA £1 Nail Polish Collection features 18 shades and I have 8 of the shades in my collection as I didn't fancy any of the other shades as they are much darker and I prefer more Lighter/Brighter Shades.
For only £1 you really can't complain about the quality of these Nail Polishes as most of them only need 2 coats (some 3), They dry in the same time as your 'average' Nail Polish and they last on my nails for a good 3-4 days.

The shades I have in my Collection are:

Natural Days: A lovely baby pink colour.
Frozen Yoghurt: A medium purple tone with a very slight blue undertone.
Pistachio Ice cream: One of my favourite shades, A pale minty blue that is a dupe of Essie's Mint Candy Apple.
Strawberry Crush: A bright pink colour that isn't too 'in your face'.
Koala Bear: Is a very pale grey colour that I needed to apply 3 coats of.
Bold Blue: Is a gorgeous bright turquoise blue. Such a fun colour for summer.
Lush Lilac: A very pale purple with a slight grey undertone.
Amaretto Crush: Is a pinky salmon colour that looks great teamed with Koala Bear.

I really love these Nail Polishes and I really hope MUA add a few  a lot more shades to their collection so I can add them to my ever-growing Nail Polish Collection!

Have you tried the MUA £1 Nail Polishes? What's your favourite Shade?

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  1. Amaretto Crush is gorgeous! I didn't realise that MUA did so many pretty nail polish colours - every time I go into my local Superdrug they only seem to have darker colours and weird greens! :') I think I need to go to a bigger store and have a browse!

    Love, Hails x |

  2. These are lovely colours. It's weird if you think that all of those cost the same as just 1 Essie! x

  3. Amaretto crush is beautiful !! That's my favourite :)


  4. Eeeeeeeee they all look so lovely. Definitely gonna be buying some of these now.

  5. These are all so pretty, I'm yet to own any but for £1 each it's just a matter of time haha :P

    Holly Mixtures

  6. They all look soooo nice think a few of them will be heading into my collection :)
    Jess xx

  7. The last shade is lovely.


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