Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Puppy Talk #1

Hi Everyone! I thought I would start up a new series of blog posts called 'Puppy Talk'. If you read my Weekly Ramblings Blog Post then you'll know that we had a Jackapoo Puppy called Alfie 4 days ago and he is 10 weeks old. In my Puppy Talk Blog Posts I'm going to talk about how Alfie is progressing and it's also a way of sharing our puppy experiences together.

Alfie is settling in really well so far and I'm so proud of how he sleeps all night without chewing everything up or peeing all over the place. During the day he is really playful and has lots of naps as he is still only young.
As of today I have decided to Crate train him as he is quite good at not peeing all over the place but lately he is enjoying doing it at the bottom of the stairs. I've heard lots of mixed thoughts on crate training, so it would be nice to hear if you used this option to potty train your Puppy or did you find an easier option? I think after crate training for a couple of weeks he will be more confident in going outside to pee and hopefully not have any accidents in the house anymore.

It would be great to hear what you think of these series of blog posts and if you have any puppy tips it would be great for you to share too. It's just like writing a Mummy Diary apart from it's a Puppy not a Baby! Ha

Hope you are all enjoying your week so far.

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  1. Hi! What a cute puppy! Cherish the little darling :)

    We did crate train Jimmy Chew - we put him in there at nightime and when we needed to go out. He got used to it pretty quick - i.e. he didn't cry too much at night - but he never got to the stage where he went in voluntarily like some of the books say they're supposed to.

    We got Jimmy used to being left on his own early on, even just for an hour at a time. By about 6 months old we got rid of the crate and he sleeps by the front door at night.

    We toilet trained him by watching him all the time and whisking him outside onto the patio as soon as we thought he would pee (or as soon as he did pee in many cases!). We didn't use the pee pads. I think it took him until he was about 5 months old to be fully toilet trained.

    He was quite a little chewer (hence the name Jimmy Chew!) and destroyer when he was a pup but we were very firm with him and told him "no" and now he's so well behaved and wouldn't dream of taking anything that wasn't his. I guess it's just making it clear to the pup what is acceptable. Lots of treats when he was good helped.

    We found having a puppy a lot more difficult than we originally expected but with consistent training, little Jimmy has turned into our perfect little dog :)

    Good luck with your little one - he looks adorable!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Thanks for your comment beaut, I've decided not to crate train now as I think he is just a little scared at the minute to pee outside as he has only been with us 4 days so I have invested in some puppy pads which I will the Put one outside to get him used to it in a few weeks.

      Having a puppy is like having a baby, you just want to bring it up right.

      Your pup sounds like a little treasure ! :)


  2. He's gorgeous! Such a cutie.

    When we got Bailey we crate trained him, but only for teaching him where to sleep, he never did the toilet in his crate and now he's out of it completely. For toilet training we just picked him up every time he started to pee/poo and moved him to a piece of newspaper at the back door our outside. Accidents are inevitable but he got the idea pretty quickly!

    Best of luck! :) xx

    1. Yeh I don't need the crate of a night as he is really good and I've invested in some puppy pads and then will eventually put one outside when he is more confident :) xx

  3. I agree with crate training if you're going to do it properly. Shutting your dog in the crate all night or whenever you're not home is NOT what crate training is at all and quite frankly I think it's cruel (sorry to be so blunt!) I just really don't agree with dogs being shut away in such a tiny space all night. Dogs should be crate trained while you're home. Have a read of this page it tells you how it should be done. Good luck!! xx

    1. I've decided not to crate train him now as he doesn't need to sleep in it of a night as he is really good. I've decided now to use puppy pads while he settles in then eventually put the puppy pad outside so he knows the scent and then go from there. He is really good it's just that he's a little scared to do his buisness outside at the minute, I think it's because it's a new place and within a few weeks he will over come that :) xx

  4. Awwww Alfie is adorable! I have a 11 month old Cockapoo called Daisy and I wish we had done crate training with her overnight, she just used to cry all night long so we stopped after a few weeks. She did potty train really well though, we just constantly took her outside, especially after she ate and drank and slept, she was so good. Good luck xxx

    I have a few pictures up on my blog if you would like to see a few pictures.

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  6. Oooow your dog is just so cute ! I sish I had a dog who is that cute :'-) have a nice day <3

  7. OMG Sarah he is adorable, soooo so cute xxx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  8. He's gorgeous so so lovely, I have finally gotten round to commenting, I read blogs through bloglovin on my phone when I'm in bed but can't always comment so followed with gfc too so I can comment from my laptop too now or via bloglovin :) I'd love to see more puppy posts, we have a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel called Oscar, I love dogs, enjoy Alfie he is adorable and I'm sure will bring you years of joy :) xxxxxxxx

  9. He is absolutely gorgeous <3 xx


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