Monday, 15 July 2013

Weekly Ramblings #22

♥ Another great week of sunshine this week. I must say my tan is coming along nicely!
♥ This week was my Little Girls sports day... GO YELLOW TEAM! She did really well and made me extremely proud. Plus she got a medal at the end.
♥ This weekend was the Yearly City Show at the park near to us where they have Monster Trucks, Horses and lots of other fun things. The kids had such a great time and they loved playing on the fair and dressing up as Police Officers. We also had a yummy picnic there too.
♥ Whooo this week I have also put my fresh set of Hair Extensions in. It feels great to have new Hair Extensions and I can't stop swishing my hair around!
♥ Finally My Boyfriend is in the process of having a full sleeve done on his arm and I have now been tempted to have some ink done... Hopefully next week you will all see what I'm going to have done. Eeeeek.

What have you been up to this week? Have you been enjoying the sunshine?



  1. your hair is beaut! the little ones are cuties :) x

  2. Checkout our new blogpost to see how celebs look like without hair extensions

  3. Awe can't stop staring at the kids they're so adorable

  4. In every post you do, you look absolutely stunning! And I have major hair envy. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to get inked :) x


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