Saturday, 24 August 2013

Caribbean Essentials Restore Massage & Bath Oil

Hi Everyone, Hooray the weekend is here! A few weeks ago I received the Caribbean Essentials Massage and Bath Oil to try out. Bath Oils are one of my favourite products to use in the bath as they leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised. 
The Caribbean Essentials Restore contains a solar plexus and sacral chakra blend that will heal the senses with energetic, therapeutic, romantic and restorative possibilities. I found that adding the oil to the bath created a relaxing scent and after bathing my skin was soft and moisurised. 
I'm not one for giving massages, as my Boyfriend will tell you. I find it really boring and after 1 minute I'm bored but I'm extremely partial to receiving a massage which my Boyfriend is always willing to give. While having a massage with the Caribbean Essentials Restore I found the scent was again relaxing, warming and also rejuvenating. Also this product also has therapeutic possibilities like: Anti-inflammatory, eases aches & pains, immune system stimulating and good for digestive imbalances.

Caribbean Essentials also has a Release Massage and Bath Oil that is uplifting and helps with problems such as anxiety and insomnia.

For more details and to purchase any of the Caribbean Essentials products, check out their Website. The Massage and Bath Oils retail at £14.50.

Enjoy your Weekend.



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