Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Guest Post | Brush Up You Skills by Chrissy - Manchester Flick Chick

Hi there, I'm Chrissy and I'm Guest blogging for the lovely and generous Sarah. I'm also known as Manchester Flick which is my beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog.

Up until my early-twenties I was still applying all of my makeup with my fingers! I actually got really good at it but my make up just didn't stay in place long enough and as for anything remotely artistic, forget it. Luckily I happened to win some Cosmopolitan makeup brushes along with some other prizes. OMG how did I ever do without them! I quickly invested in some other quality mini brushes by The Body Shop.

The Essentials:

Foundation Brush

Applying your foundation with a brush spreads it evenly and means you only use as much as you need. It gives a flawless finish and fantastic staying power. It's best to use a stippling motion to apply the foundation around your nose, the apples of your cheeks and your mouth. You can use small feathery strokes over the rest of your face.

Angled Blusher/Bronzer Brush

Great for sweeping blush up toward the temples. Also perfect for applying bronzer (or a minneral foundation that's shade darker than your skin tone) under your cheek bones for definition. 

Powder Brush

It's important you pick one with really so bristles so you can swirl it around your face without wiping off your hard work. 

Rounded Eyeshadow Brush

Use this to create washes of colour over your eyelids

Slanted Eyeshadow Brush

Use this to create winged eyeshadow for a cat -like dramatic eyes or to apply wet eyeshadow for subtle smudged definition along the lashline.

Lip Brush

Er, to apply lipstick with basically.

Care for your tools

Wash them in warm water every 7-28 days (depending on frequency of use) with some gentle shampoo. I lob everything in: Tweezers, eyelash comb, even the sharpener for my pencils. 
I use an old tooth brush to do the tricky bits.

After rinsing thoroughly press them onto some kitchen roll to make sure they are makeup free. Press them back into shape.

Lay them out (hopefully in the sunshine) to dry.

What are your essential beauty tools? Anyone got any strange ones?

Chrissy x

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