Friday, 16 August 2013

Guest Post | Let it rain: The joy of an indoor picnic! by Laura

Hooray, it’s finally deep summertime, the children have finished school - and you know what that means? Let’s all load up our hampers with treats, throw the rug in the car and head out for a picnic! But wait, something isn’t right. Ah, yes - we live in Great Britain, and we’ve already had our designated hot spell which was thankfully longer than usual, so inevitably, the wind is blowing, the drizzle is falling and the outside world hardly looks like the most hospitable place for a ‘summery’ picnic. Why should we let that stop us? When the Great British weather conspires to ruin your plans, you could have an indoor picnic instead.

Inside, the weather can’t get you...

Whilst the weather may always run the risk of letting us down, inside, every day can feel like summer! No rain, no wind and no sunburn can harm you from inside the four walls of your home. With a bulging hamper full of goodies to tuck into and picnic rug spread out across the living room floor, you’ll create the perfect picnic vibe in no time. Who needs the great outdoors?

...nor can any other little annoyances

Even when it is sunny outside, every picnic is pestered by wasps, ants and mosquito's, and you must inescapably share your quiet part of the world with an obnoxious family who just can’t keep their voices down. You won’t have to worry about any of that with a fun indoor picnic, and there’s no risk of getting sand in your sarnies either!

You can watch great events on the telly...

The Wimbledon organisers are such spoilsports -  no large hampers allowed? Boo! So if you did manage to get to SW19 for this historic tennis tournament, a picnic was unfortunately, not on the menu. All these problems certainly point you towards an indoor picnic. If sport is definitely your thing, you’ll be happy to know the football season is back and well underway so there’s nothing to stop you from inviting a few friends around and making an event of picnicking in your lounge together either, while enjoying the thrill and excitement of seeing your team’s goal coming up on the Videprinter! 

...and enjoy all the convenient facilities

Eating al fresco is certainly a great delight, but there is a lot to be said for having your own easily accessible bathroom and kitchen. If you’re a parent with young children, you’ll be familiar with the need to find a convenient ablution block, and when the weather rumbles overhead towards the end of the day, you’ll often find yourself wishing there was a kettle nearby for a steaming cuppa. In your own home, the facilities are second to none.

You can prepare the best food and drink...

Outside picnics can be great fun, but you are a bit limited with what you can eat or drink. Hot food is out - by the time you make it to your picnic spot it’ll be stone cold - while chilled drinks are impractical for the same reason. Inside, however, you have a fridge, a freezer and an oven to make the most of, so you can really wow your indoor picnic guests with delicious treats and impressive desserts! For maximum convenience,  pack the hamper for yourself using products you’ve picked yourself.

...and cleaning up is a doddle

Cleaning up after a picnic can be a real pain. The problem with remote beauty spots is that they aren’t often equipped with rubbish bins and sinks for washing up the cutlery, so you’ll unavoidably have to put all the dirty rubbish back into your hamper and haul it home again. With an indoor picnic you’ll confront no such problems, however - just recycle your litter there and then and wash up your dirty dishes in the kitchen sink! Putting the hamper away again is as simple as tucking it into the cupboard under the stairs...

An indoor picnic is a real treat for adults and kids alike - your living room will never have looked this fun before!

Laura x

Laura hasn't got a blog herself but is looking to become a Blogger or  Journalist in the near future. She asked to Guest Post on my blog to help her gain a little experience and I'm privileged to have her feature on my blog as she is a wonderful writer and I hope she starts her own blog up soon as her quality of writing is fantastic and I also think I need to try out this Indoor Picnic myself!


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