Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Models Own Fireworks Collection

Hello my Lovelies. If Models Own haven't released enough nail polishes lately, they have also added the Fireworks Collection to their amazing range. This glitter explosion contains 5 ultra fun nail polishes that have a clear base packed full of numerous colourful glitter all in various shapes and sizes.
I know some people are getting bored of the whole 'glitter top coat look' but I personally still love it. It's a great way of adding something different to your old nail polishes and you can create your own custom look by choosing a different base coat and also by how many coats of glitter you apply on top.

The 5 Nail Polishes in the Models Own Fireworks Collection are:

Sparkler... A mix of holographic silver strands.
Catherine Wheel... A mix of four glitters, including mini gold strands and red polka dots.
Banger... A mix of five glitters, including long blue strands and fuchsia polka dots.
Roman Candle... A mix of six glitters, including black and silver strands with a fuchsia polka dot base.
Rocket... A mix of seven glitters, including long red strands, a fine black and gold base with orange polka dots.

I tried out Banger, Catherine Wheel and Roman Candle and I used 2 coats of nail polish. I love these nail polishes as they are buildable so you can create so many different glitter effects and I also didn't find them too much of a pain to get off.
My favourite shades out of the 3 that I tried has to be Banger and Roman Candle. I love Banger because it is so jam packed full of glitter and strands, and it also looks great on top of one of my favourite bright pink nail polishes. I love Roman Candle because it's so girlie and fun and this looks great on top of a white nail polish.

I really need to get the shades Sparkler and Rocket to add to my collection as glitter nail polish is one of my favourite things and I think the Fireworks Collection is one of the best collections I've seen from Models Own.

The Models Own Fireworks Collection retails at £5.00 each and is now available from the Models Own Bottleshop. Online from 2nd September, In Boots from 4th September and in Superdrug from 25th September.

Is the Fireworks Collection something you can see yourself purchasing? What's your favourite shade?

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far, Who's looking forward to the weekend?



  1. WoW!!! Awesome... It loos very beautiful. I really like it.

    Aaron |
    Mobile Massage

  2. I love model's own nail varnish! This collection looks really good, My favourite is probably Roman candle.. I can see myself buying that haha! xx

  3. Roman Candle looks so gorgeous! I really want that if only I had nails...there is so many nice nail polishes out there at the moment & I can't even use them


  4. lovely colours! the collection looks great x


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