Friday, 2 August 2013

Puppy Talk #2

Hi Everyone! Hope you are well. Since my first Puppy Talk Blog Post Alfie is settling in super well and I have decided not to crate train him, He is only small and outside is a big big place for him so I think he's a little too small to go outside yet but he is quite happy using his puppy pads inside the house and after having a chat with the helpful staff at Pets at Home they then told me to gradually put a pad outside when he is a little older to get him to do his business outside instead! It's good to get advice from different places as the internet can tell you so many different things that it makes your brain want to burst!

Alfie had his first trip out this week in my Bike Basket I purchased for him from Amazon, After me and my boyfriend invested in getting us some bikes to keep fit I thought it would be nice to take him out on our trips but at the moment it would be too much for him to walk while I'm on my bike so this handy basket means he can sit in the front and watch the world go by, or even have a little nod if he wants too.
All together we was at Cannock Chase riding our bikes for 8 hours on Saturday struggling our way up ginormous hills and whizzing our way down fun steep hills so this handy little basket came in useful for little Alfie as he could enjoy the outdoors with us without tiring his little legs out.

Do you have a Puppy? Do you have any Puppy advice?



  1. OMG he is so cute1! have you seen mine? x

  2. aww, glad he's getting on ok :) he's so cute! xx

  3. Aww how cute! I would love a puppy :) xx

  4. Alfie is adorable! He looks like he had a great time riding in the basket.

  5. Aww he's such an absolute cutie!that basket is such a great idea!i used to take my kitten out on a lead in my garden when she was little and it was an absolute disaster as she could manage to get off the lead and runaway!shes 11 now though so don't have to do that anymore thank goodness:-)


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