Thursday, 22 August 2013

Puppy Talk #3

Hi Everyone! Alfie has settled in nicely after being with us for 4 weeks now. He loves going for walks and is also great off his lead when we take him for a stroll down an old railway walk. I think he knows where his bread is buttered! Training wise he is great, after being with us for a week he would sit and lie down and now he has even mastered roll over. We are just now working on him bringing his ball back to us instead of keeping it to himself! Ha.

While in Ikea over the weekend I picked up a few 'Puppy Proof' teddies and a soft ball which he loves to play with and I find they are also great for when they are teething too. I also picked up a handy storage box to fit all of his toys in and they had it in red too so it ties in with my living room colours and keeps his toys nice and tidy.

Alfie is 13 weeks old now and I think within the next couple of weeks I'm going to wean him from using his puppy pads and for him to start doing his business outside. So if anyone has any tips on making this change then please let me know.

Hope you are all having a lovely week. Not long until the weekend!



  1. Make sure you put your puppy pads next to the door you want him to go out of to do he business! That way he gets in the habit of walking to it, then just start opening the door and see how it goes from there!

  2. Awww he's beautiful, my puppy's 1 this weekend and I wish she could roll over, shes very stubborn haha. I agree with the lady above, pop them by the door then when he goes towards it open the door and encourage him to "go" outside :)

  3. aw he's sooo adorable! I remember when my dog was a puppy we never had trouble with potty training, only with nipping and chewing. Hope you're having lots of fun with this little dude!

  4. Thanks for sharing above information! I really appreciate this post, Puppies are so delightful and just not possible to resist. But we expect them not to peeing and pooing all over the dwelling. So here are some of tips you can use to set up to potty train your puppy:-

    • Understand that puppies needs to go to the bathroom a lot as a young puppy has a very small bladder, and they haven't yet cultured the talent to control it. So keep it in mind this when it comes to potty training your puppy.

    • Establish yourself as the leader; this will help in earning your puppy's respect, trust and admiration. And your puppy will star following all your potty training instructions.

    • Uphold a stringent schedule when you take your puppy out to go potty. Travel through the same door and use the same direction. With your awareness of your puppy's peeing preferences, foresee when she'll want to urine and bring her to the puppy bathroom.

    • Never forget to encourage your puppy every time she pees in the right spot. Thrash out your cheery, joyful voice and lavish her with adulation and praise. Your puppy now has an emotional ingenious to do her job in the right place.


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