Saturday, 7 September 2013

Puppy Talk #4

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all ok. Alfie has grown so much over the last couple of weeks. He is 15 weeks old now so that means he is in his biting/chewing stage even more than before. I don't mean biting in a nasty way just that he would gladly have a chew on your finger because of his teeth coming through.
I invested in some teething gel from Pets at Home after every review it had was excellent, People were saying that their puppy was better as soon as they applied the gel, but this didn't work at all with Alfie. So after wasting £6 on a hyped up product I then picked up a cheap £1 rope toy that fits nicely in his gaps where his teeth are coming through and it has suited the job more perfect.

Also Alfie is starting to learn now that when we pop out for an hour that we are going to come back so he doesn't really cry anymore. Plus a tip I found on the internet is that dogs find Classic FM soothing, so I left it on the one day when I popped out for 20 minutes and thought I'd record him on my camera to see if he cried. I was absolutely amazed when I got home and flicked through my camera to see that he just lay there and was completely relaxed!

Do you have any puppy tips or advice?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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