Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Weekly Ramblings #29

Image: We Heart It.

Hi Everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely week. I can't believe we are now into September! Where the hell has the year gone. At least we have still had lots of lovely sunshine to enjoy but no doubt those horrible gloomy, cold days will soon be upon us. I better get myself another Onesie asap!
Over the last week I had 4 days off from work as holiday, It was lovely just to have some time off and not have to worry about going into work, I also made the most of my time off too by colouring my hair. It is now a little darker with my blonde ombre at the ends with pink and purple strands. If you follow me on Twitter (@sarah22xoxo) or Instagram (Ohhsoglam) then you would have already seen my new hair but I'm going to do a blog post over the next couple of days to show you the products I used.

My little girl is back to school today, She has been so excited for the last week to go back to school. Just before she went back we had lots of shopping trips buying her lots of new shoes and clothes as she has suddenly had one hell of a growth spurt and it was nice to have some girly time just me and her before she went back to school.

I'm looking forward to picking her up after her first day back at school and her telling me all about it. Then it's back to work for me later.

Hope you have all had a lovely week and weekend.


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