Thursday, 31 October 2013

My Little Gothic Vampire Princess

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Last week My Daughter went to her School Halloween Party dressed as a Gothic Vampire Princess. So I thought I would show you some photos of her look and tell you a little about what she is wearing.
She is wearing a dress from Peacocks which cost £12. I normally get all the Halloween costumes from Asda for my little girl and my boyfriends Children but this year I thought they looked the same as all the other years, so I decided to pop into Peacocks where I picked up some amazing costumes this year for all the kids.

For her makeup I didn't want to add blood at first as I thought she would probably scare all her friends off and she'd be the only person left in the party, but I thought what the hell and added some to her white powdered skin and contoured face to give her a full on 'dead' look. She also had Dior Fuchsia Eblouissant Lipstick on her lips to give a deep purple pout.
For her hair I crimped it with crimpers and backcombed it to make it look like she had just rose from the dead! To finish it off it was topped with a Gothic Crown that came with the outfit.

I think she looked really good for her party and it was good to see that lots of her friends had put tonnes of effort in too. There was even a little boy wrapped up in bandages who was a spooky Mummy!

Keep your eyes peeled as next week I will have some more photos up of my little girl again and my boyfriends kids, as we are having a Halloween Party tomorrow night and are going to spook some of our neighbours trick or treating!

What are you up to this Halloween? Have your kids dressed up as anything fun?


Weekly Ramblings #37 | Happy Halloween

Image: We Heart It.

Hi Everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and week so far.
Over the last week I have been poorly with the flu and haven't been up to much as I have been too busy feeling sorry for myself and have been trying to nurse myself better.
Now that I'm finally much better, I'm now back into blogging action plus I'm looking forward to this weekend as I have 3 days off and we are having a Halloween Party on Friday for the Kids, going to a local Bonfire on Saturday and on Sunday Me and My Boyfriend are having a date night at the Cinema to watch Bad Grampa.

What are you up to this weekend? Are you dressing up this Halloween?

Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy any Bonfire events you are attending. Don't forget to stay safe!


Friday, 25 October 2013

Barry M Waterproof Lash Vegas Mascara

Hi Lovelies, After trying out Barry M's Lash Vegas Mascara earlier this year, It was now time for me to try out their latest Waterproof Lash Vegas Mascara.
After being really happy with the results of the original Barry M Lash Vegas I knew that I would love this and that it would have even better staying power and no risk of any smudging as it is waterproof.
This mascara leaves me with gorgeous dark, sultry, fluttery lashes that last all day. The waterproof Mascara is also great for the winter months when you are getting all hot and bothered while walking in and out of boiling hot shops while doing your Christmas Shopping and I have also put it to the test this week whilst having a cold and my eyes are watering all over the place, and I have had no smudging or dark patches under my eyes.

Also as this product is waterproof they can sometimes be a pain to get off, but I found that it removed as easy as the non waterproof mascara using a Makeup wipe and also came off with ease using my L'Oreal Micellar Solution too.

Barry M Lash Vegas is a great mascara and the waterproof version is even better as you don't have to worry about any smudging or dark patches under your eyes.
Barry M is available from Boots and Superdrug and also online at The Lash Vegas Waterproof Mascara retails at a reasonable £6.49.

Have you tried the original Barry M Last Vegas Mascara or the Waterproof version? What are your thoughts?

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

November Advertising Deals

Hi Lovelies, During the month of November I'm going to be offering discount on all of my advertising packages. I have decided to advertise early so you can all get your advertisements in to avoid disappointment. The 3 packages discounted are:

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Bronze Package (4 Available) ONLY £2.50 £1.50

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If you are Interested in advertising on Ohh So Glam the please contact me on:, Please note... All Blog advertising starts on the 1st of every month, So please get in touch by the last day of the month prior to starting advertising.

**I reserve the right to decline any Advertisements that I feel are not fitting with my Blog**

Weekly Ramblings #36

Hi Lovelies, Hope you all had a great week and weekend last week. All I ever seem to be lately is busy and to top it off I now have a dreadful cold too! Urghh.
Other than feeling sorry for myself this week, me and my boyfriend did some Christmas Shopping and have finally got all my little girls Christmas presents and also his kids too. This is the 1st year we have been so organised all we have left to get is family presents which we will probably get next month.
Out of all the shops we brought Christmas presents from, Next was the only shop to offer a gift receipt for Christmas, all of the other shops said they weren't doing gift receipts yet and all items could only be exchanged in 14 days. So as we brought my little girl some Converse and my boyfriends Son some Vans, We had to get them to sit with their eyes closed to quickly try them on to make sure they fit! What a palava. My little girl was cheeky though and opened her eyes... Naughty.

My little girl also had her School Halloween Party last week and she went as a Gothic Vampire Princess. I did her makeup and I must say she looked amazing. I will have a blog post up in the next couple of days with her outfit and her makeup.

For the rest of this week I'm just going to be working and writing up some blog posts in my free time and also feel sorry for myself!

What have you been up to this week? Have you thought about Christmas yet?


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pür Minerals Perfect Fit Eye Shadow Trio - Classic Beauty

Hi Lovelies, On my eyes I'm a beloved wearer of all things natural. I'm not one for vibrant and wild eyes, so when I saw this gorgeous Pür Minerals Trio in Classic Beauty I knew it would suit perfectly into my daily Makeup Routine.
Pür Minerals Eye Shadows are creamy in texture and apply smooth to your lid without any creases. The colour pay off was much paler than the shades look and even the darker shade came out much paler, but this is easily buildable for a little more of a colour pay off. This looked great on my eyes for a pretty daytime look teamed with a flick of eyeliner.

In the Trio Collection there are 9 shades to choose from, I think the eye shadows are great in application and texture but are a little on the expensive side for £20. I think £12 would be a more reasonable price for this product as the eye shadows are quite small and the packaging is only plastic.

Pür Minerals Eye Shadow Trio retails at £20 and are available from Marks and Spencer.

Have you tried any Pür Minerals products? One of my favourite products is the 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Make up Compact.

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Weleda Skin Food

Hi Lovelies, Hope you have all had a lovely week and are enjoying your weekend. Sorry I've been a little quiet lately it has just been sooooo busy! But I'm now back in blogging action!
Now that Autumn is here and the cold weather has hit us we can all keep snug and warm in our thick knits and chunky scarfs but the one thing we can't help is the effects of the cold weather on our skin.
During the cold months my hands start to get really dry and also my arms and legs get really dry too but after using Weleda Skin Food the dry parts of my skin have become more softer and less dry.

Weleda Skin Food is excellent for protecting the skin against harsh weather. Its combination of soothing extracts and blend of enriching oils and waxes create a fine protective barrier against the elements. It deeply penetrates the skin, giving it the ability to repair the rough, dry patches that often crop up on the body and face during cold weather.  
It's also not like your average moisturiser as it's thicker in texture and also smells really revitalizing with it's zingy fragrance.

So if you want to recognise the benefits of Skin Food like the likes of Demi Moore, Alexa Chung and Rhianna have then check out your local Waitrose., Liberty, Feel Unique and also Online at Skin Food is also available in three sizes: a 75ml tube (£8.95), a handy 30ml travel size (£5.95) or the Mini-sized 10ml (£2.25).

Have you tried Weleda Skin Food? 

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Monday, 14 October 2013

NEW Barry M Nail Polishes - Matte & Textured

Hi Lovelies, Barry M have gone wild this year and if that wasn't enough they have release a whole bundle of new A/W products including their Matte Nail Polish Range and Textured Nail Polish Range.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint Range consists of 5 gorgeous matte shades: Vanilla, A pale creamy grey tone with a hint of purple. Espresso (I NEEEEED THIS), A deep matte black. Red Berry, A gorgeous fruity berry shade. Mocha, A mid matte brown. Caramel (above), A creamy caramel. 
As you can probably guess all of these shades in the Matte Collection do have a matte finish. At first I wasn't too keen on the matte finish but I think it looks great with an accent gloss or glitter nail.

If you're not a fan of the matte finish you can always apply a top coat for a gloss finish.

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection consists of 5 textured shades: Duchess, A beige pink with silver glitter. Princess, A very girly pink with gold glitter. Lady, An Icy white/silver shade (I personally love this shade). Majesty, A dazzling gold colour fit for any Queen. Countess (AMAZING), A gorgeous purple/brown base with gold and purple glitter. 
You've guessed it, these nail polishes all have a textured finish, it's kind of like a rough sandy glitter texture that can be worn without a top coat for a full on textured look, or with a top coat for a more smoother finish.
As this is a textured polish you may think it was quite hard to remove but I thought it wasn't too bad and you just have to put a tiny bit of elbow grease into it!

At first thoughts I personally didn't think that I would like either of these new collections, but now I must say that Barry M has completely won me over!

The Matte and Textured Collections retail at £3.99 and are now available Online and in Boots and Superdrug nationwide.

Have you tried the new Barry M Matte or Textured Collection?

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Weekly Ramblings #35

Image- We heart it.

Hi Lovelies, Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 
After having such a busy week last week, me and my boyfriend had some quality time together just the two of us the weekend. We did lots of shopping on the Saturday getting some of the Children's Christmas prezzies and also treated ourselves to a couple of winter things too.
We also popped into Starbucks and noticed that they had two new Autumn drinks, I had the salted caramel hot chocolate, which was yummm and my boyfriend had the pumpkin spice latte, which he really enjoyed.

Of the evening we indulged in a yummy Chinese and finished off watching the Orange is the new black series which is exclusive to Netflix. If you have never watched it before and love a good comedy/drama then you must give this a watch!
On Sunday I cooked a Sunday dinner which I haven't cooked for ages. We are always so busy doing different things so it was nice to sit down and have a big Sunday lunch.

What have you been up to this week? Have you thought about starting your Christmas shopping yet?

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hi Lovelies, I love a good ole Tag Post and as Zoe tagged me to do this a couple of days ago I instantly started writing it up as I really do have a weak spot for the Autumn.

Favourite Thing About It?

I love Autumn because as the cooler, darker nights draw in there's nothing better than relaxing of an evening all snuggled up under a chunky throw in your PJ's or Onesie with lots of gorgeous fragranced candles lit and a large mug of Twinings Tea with a couple of Choccy biscuits.

Favourite Scent/Candle?

For the Autumn one of my favourite perfumes to wear is Calvin Klein Euphoria but I'm not a huge lover of cinnemon/spiced candles for Autumn/Winter so I normally opt for a vanilla scented candle instead.

Best Lipstick?

I'm not really one for wearing different shades of lipstick depending on the season and I'm definetly not one for wearing deep plum/red shades. I normally wear pink and coral tones but one lipstick I have been loving to wear so far this Autumn is MAC Impassioned.

Go To Moisturiser?

I'm so lazy when it comes to Skincare. But one that I do love wearing in the Autumn/Winter months is Heaven by Deborah Mitchelle Divine Cream as I love its Orange fragrance.

Go To Colour For The Eyes?

Same with the lipsticks, I don't normally wear different eye colours depending on the season, but I may wear more of a smokey look with a gold shimmer or just a simple winged liner as I do everyday.

Favourite Band/Singer To Listen Too?

I think in the Summer it's more Dance Anthems and so far this Autumn I've been Listening to Lana Del Rey's Album again and Arctic Monkeys.

Favourite Outfit To Wear?

In Autumn it's either a pretty dress with thick black tights, cardigan and cute ankle boots or simple black skinny jeans with a cute chunky knit jumper and black ankle boots.

Autumn Treat?

Hmmmm well I was thinking of getting this gorgeous Parka Coat from Topshop but then looking at it in person today I expected the Fur trim to be really fluffy and soft but it felt really cheap and that put me off buying it... Sorry Topshop!

Favourite Place To Be?

Shopping with a Starbucks in hand...Obviously! or snuggled up in the warmth with lots of candles lit.

I tag everyone to do this post as it's super fun, and a big shoutout to Georgina from Makeup Pixi3 that created this tag.

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Weekly Ramblings #34

Image: We Heart It.

Hi Lovelies, Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and week so far. As you may already know from my last Weekly Ramblings Our laptop is broken again so I have been slacking a little on the blog posts lately. I tried to keep up by spending 2 hours in the Library last week on my day off but they don't have up to date software so writing a blog post was practically impossible! But thanks to our friend he has borrowed us a spare computer screen to hook our laptop up until the part comes for the screen to be fixed!

The last week has gone super quick and I have been really busy, So on my night off Saturday night I treated myself and my boyfriend to a Chinese and we also watched the film The Internship, which is absolutely hilarious. Me and my boyfriend have also got a busy weekend too as one of my friends is opening a game/comic book shop on Saturday so we will be stopping by for the opening and no doubt my boyfriend will spot some geeky gadgets that he will want to buy, Plus we are also going to have a little retail therapy and start buying some of the children's Christmas presents as we are going to have a weekend to ourselves to get all this done and also have a meal of the evening as we haven't had much time just the two of us in a long long time.

This week we was also introduced to our friends new born baby-Pippa. Oh my, she is just the cutest and I loved shopping to buy her a few things. Now that my little girl is now 5 I completely forgot how cute baby clothes are! 

What have you been up to this week? Don't forget to check out my Blog Sale & MAC Giveaway.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Monthly Advertiser | Jaynie Shannon

Hey! My names Jay and I'm 21 from the South West of England. I'm currently in university studying Criminology with Forensic Science. My blog is based on absolutely nothing to do with my degree (it'd be far more depressing and gruesome) instead it's on beauty & style with some personal posts thrown in there too. I've been reading other peoples blogs for years in my spare time so thought I'd bite the bullet and set up my own. I read and appreciate every comment and would hug every follower if I could (although I suppose not everyone would appreciate that...)!


Monthly Advertiser | Project Rattlebag

Hello, I'm Hattie a teen from London living in the South West with my baby pug. I started my blog almost 18 months ago as a school project but I loved it so much I never stopped! My blog is predominantly beauty based but with some fashion and lifestyle thrown in too. Blogging has opened so many doors for me including meeting some lovely people, going to events and getting the chance to review products. Hopefully this can be something I carry on as a hobby my whole life! I hope you take a look. Hattie x


Sunday, 6 October 2013

What's on My Face #1

Hi Lovelies, After reading lots of your lovely blogs I've noticed some of you doing What's on My Face or FOTD blog posts, So I thought I would join in the blogging fun and on random days show you in a quick post - What's on My Face!

Benefit Fakeup - Medium
MAC Mineralize NC30
MUA Eyebrow Kit
Dior Bronze - Medium
Sleek Blush - Flamingo
Kiko Eyeshadow - 201
Bourjois Gel Eyeliner
Bourjois Volumize Mascara - Ultra Black
MAC Impassioned Lipstick

What makeup are you loving at the moment? Any new products you've tried that you'd recommend?


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Fudge Paintbox Extreme | Pretty Flamingo & Purple Haze

Hi Lovelies, As you may already know I decided to add some pink and purple to the ends of my ombre hair a few weeks back. To do this I used two gorgeous shades from Fudge.
Fudge's Paintbox Extreme consists of lots of gorgeous bright shades to give your hair a little more attitude, with no peroxide or ammonia. This product is seni-pernament and will last between 3-30 washes.

I used Pretty-Flamingo and Purple-Haze in the ends of my hair and I achieved this look by taking random pieces, backcombing where my brown hair meets my blonde ombre and then painting on alternate colours for each strand, keeping the colour in place wrapped in a little foil.
Development time takes 15-30 minutes, then you just have to wash the colour off and you're left with gorgeous, vibrant hair.

I would say my colour lasted for approx 10 washes and then it started to fade to a really pale/pastel pink and purple.
These colours are great if you feel like changing your look for a couple of weeks, or even longer but do remember they will only show their true vibrance on light blonde hair and the darker the hair is, the less noticeable/vibrant it will be. As advised, always do a strand test before if in doubt.

Fudge Paintbox Extreme is available from and retails at a reasonable £6.24. Don't forget to check out their site as they have a wide range of amazing colours to choose from.
I think I need Blue-Hawaii next to join Pretty-Flamingo and Purple-Haze. I can't wait to put in my new hair extensions next week (also from Hairtrade) and experiment with some more colours.

Have you tried Fudge Paintbox Extreme? What crazy colour would you love to have your hair?


Friday, 4 October 2013

Weekly Ramblings #33

Image: We Heart It

Hi Lovelies. Hope you are all having a lovely week so far. Sorry that I have been AWOL again over the last week; My laptop finally got fixed but within a week it had broken again, so I'm having to write up my drafts on my iPad then edit photos at the library (which I can only do once a week) until the laptop is fixed again.

One exciting thing that happened last week is that I purchased my first EVER MAC Lipstick. (Link Here) I had been wanting to purchase one for ages but I could never choose from all the shades but I finally decided on Impassioned as it's such a statement colour and I don't have nothing like it in my lipstick collection.

I was going to have a lazy weekend last week as I had the weekend off but I decided to have an Autumn Clean in my little girls room. It's amazing how many things children accumulate! I think we had 6 bags of old clothes and toys by the end of it.

Hope you have all had a lovely week, and I will be back blogging ASAP!!

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