Saturday, 5 October 2013

Fudge Paintbox Extreme | Pretty Flamingo & Purple Haze

Hi Lovelies, As you may already know I decided to add some pink and purple to the ends of my ombre hair a few weeks back. To do this I used two gorgeous shades from Fudge.
Fudge's Paintbox Extreme consists of lots of gorgeous bright shades to give your hair a little more attitude, with no peroxide or ammonia. This product is seni-pernament and will last between 3-30 washes.

I used Pretty-Flamingo and Purple-Haze in the ends of my hair and I achieved this look by taking random pieces, backcombing where my brown hair meets my blonde ombre and then painting on alternate colours for each strand, keeping the colour in place wrapped in a little foil.
Development time takes 15-30 minutes, then you just have to wash the colour off and you're left with gorgeous, vibrant hair.

I would say my colour lasted for approx 10 washes and then it started to fade to a really pale/pastel pink and purple.
These colours are great if you feel like changing your look for a couple of weeks, or even longer but do remember they will only show their true vibrance on light blonde hair and the darker the hair is, the less noticeable/vibrant it will be. As advised, always do a strand test before if in doubt.

Fudge Paintbox Extreme is available from and retails at a reasonable £6.24. Don't forget to check out their site as they have a wide range of amazing colours to choose from.
I think I need Blue-Hawaii next to join Pretty-Flamingo and Purple-Haze. I can't wait to put in my new hair extensions next week (also from Hairtrade) and experiment with some more colours.

Have you tried Fudge Paintbox Extreme? What crazy colour would you love to have your hair?



  1. Oh wow, those look really good in your hair! Hope it works for black/dark brown hair cause I've been looking for one that actually shows up on my hair!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

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  3. Oh my, I absolutely love your hair!
    Lauren x

  4. 6£ is so good for these, when I saw your tweet I thought they would be more.x

  5. What a bargain! When my hair grows long enough, I'll defo be trying these out. They look so cool and I've always fancied having a bit of blue in my hair.


  6. Ah I love this look! I have SUCH hair envy with you! Hope all is well with you - love reading your weekly updates and the pics of gorgeous Alfie :) x


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