Thursday, 31 October 2013

My Little Gothic Vampire Princess

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Last week My Daughter went to her School Halloween Party dressed as a Gothic Vampire Princess. So I thought I would show you some photos of her look and tell you a little about what she is wearing.
She is wearing a dress from Peacocks which cost £12. I normally get all the Halloween costumes from Asda for my little girl and my boyfriends Children but this year I thought they looked the same as all the other years, so I decided to pop into Peacocks where I picked up some amazing costumes this year for all the kids.

For her makeup I didn't want to add blood at first as I thought she would probably scare all her friends off and she'd be the only person left in the party, but I thought what the hell and added some to her white powdered skin and contoured face to give her a full on 'dead' look. She also had Dior Fuchsia Eblouissant Lipstick on her lips to give a deep purple pout.
For her hair I crimped it with crimpers and backcombed it to make it look like she had just rose from the dead! To finish it off it was topped with a Gothic Crown that came with the outfit.

I think she looked really good for her party and it was good to see that lots of her friends had put tonnes of effort in too. There was even a little boy wrapped up in bandages who was a spooky Mummy!

Keep your eyes peeled as next week I will have some more photos up of my little girl again and my boyfriends kids, as we are having a Halloween Party tomorrow night and are going to spook some of our neighbours trick or treating!

What are you up to this Halloween? Have your kids dressed up as anything fun?


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