Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hi Lovelies, I love a good ole Tag Post and as Zoe tagged me to do this a couple of days ago I instantly started writing it up as I really do have a weak spot for the Autumn.

Favourite Thing About It?

I love Autumn because as the cooler, darker nights draw in there's nothing better than relaxing of an evening all snuggled up under a chunky throw in your PJ's or Onesie with lots of gorgeous fragranced candles lit and a large mug of Twinings Tea with a couple of Choccy biscuits.

Favourite Scent/Candle?

For the Autumn one of my favourite perfumes to wear is Calvin Klein Euphoria but I'm not a huge lover of cinnemon/spiced candles for Autumn/Winter so I normally opt for a vanilla scented candle instead.

Best Lipstick?

I'm not really one for wearing different shades of lipstick depending on the season and I'm definetly not one for wearing deep plum/red shades. I normally wear pink and coral tones but one lipstick I have been loving to wear so far this Autumn is MAC Impassioned.

Go To Moisturiser?

I'm so lazy when it comes to Skincare. But one that I do love wearing in the Autumn/Winter months is Heaven by Deborah Mitchelle Divine Cream as I love its Orange fragrance.

Go To Colour For The Eyes?

Same with the lipsticks, I don't normally wear different eye colours depending on the season, but I may wear more of a smokey look with a gold shimmer or just a simple winged liner as I do everyday.

Favourite Band/Singer To Listen Too?

I think in the Summer it's more Dance Anthems and so far this Autumn I've been Listening to Lana Del Rey's Album again and Arctic Monkeys.

Favourite Outfit To Wear?

In Autumn it's either a pretty dress with thick black tights, cardigan and cute ankle boots or simple black skinny jeans with a cute chunky knit jumper and black ankle boots.

Autumn Treat?

Hmmmm well I was thinking of getting this gorgeous Parka Coat from Topshop but then looking at it in person today I expected the Fur trim to be really fluffy and soft but it felt really cheap and that put me off buying it... Sorry Topshop!

Favourite Place To Be?

Shopping with a Starbucks in hand...Obviously! or snuggled up in the warmth with lots of candles lit.

I tag everyone to do this post as it's super fun, and a big shoutout to Georgina from Makeup Pixi3 that created this tag.

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  1. My autumn tag would be very similar, especially with music! I've only recently started my blog and I really like reading your blog:)

    Amy X

  2. Me too I love wearing knitted jumpers and ankle boots they're so comfy :)


  3. Whoa expensive that coat! Matalan have got a similar one for £35! I actually have the blue parka one with the huge fur hood from topshop and i LOVE IT. xx

  4. I love this tag, so fun! Thanks for sharing. I've never smelt that CK fragrance, I'll have to get on that! I'm always looking for a good new scent. I kinda agree with the not loving the cinnamon apple type scents. I don't hate them, but I always go for a more "natural" scent over the "food" scents... does that make sense lol?

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee


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