Thursday, 10 October 2013

Weekly Ramblings #34

Image: We Heart It.

Hi Lovelies, Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and week so far. As you may already know from my last Weekly Ramblings Our laptop is broken again so I have been slacking a little on the blog posts lately. I tried to keep up by spending 2 hours in the Library last week on my day off but they don't have up to date software so writing a blog post was practically impossible! But thanks to our friend he has borrowed us a spare computer screen to hook our laptop up until the part comes for the screen to be fixed!

The last week has gone super quick and I have been really busy, So on my night off Saturday night I treated myself and my boyfriend to a Chinese and we also watched the film The Internship, which is absolutely hilarious. Me and my boyfriend have also got a busy weekend too as one of my friends is opening a game/comic book shop on Saturday so we will be stopping by for the opening and no doubt my boyfriend will spot some geeky gadgets that he will want to buy, Plus we are also going to have a little retail therapy and start buying some of the children's Christmas presents as we are going to have a weekend to ourselves to get all this done and also have a meal of the evening as we haven't had much time just the two of us in a long long time.

This week we was also introduced to our friends new born baby-Pippa. Oh my, she is just the cutest and I loved shopping to buy her a few things. Now that my little girl is now 5 I completely forgot how cute baby clothes are! 

What have you been up to this week? Don't forget to check out my Blog Sale & MAC Giveaway.



  1. Enjoy your time off this weekend!


  2. Have a lovely weekend, can't wait to start xmas shopping!



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