Friday, 1 November 2013

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Hi Everyone! A couple of weeks ago I asked you lovely #bbloggers on Twiiter for some advice on good eyebrow pencils/kits as I was having a serious 'Bad Brow' week and my eyebrows felt a mess.
To the rescue came billion dollar brows who gave me some wonderful advice and also kindly sent me some products they thought would benefit me to try and make my 'Bad Brow' days better!

As my brows are quite sparse from over plucking and waxing when I was younger they look absolutely horrid if I don't fill them in. I have huge eyebrow envy of girls that have gorgeous natural Cara Delevingne Brows but hopefully I won't have to envy anymore.

The first product they recommend me to help my sparse brows is Brow Boost. This is a vitamin and protein enhanced conditioner that helps to condition your brows for a fuller, thicker and healthier appearance.
This product needs to be applied to your brow line of an evening before bed. It goes on clear and dries instantly plus most customers see results after 30 days.
So far I have only been using this product for a week so I won't see any improvement just yet, but I have taken a before photo of my brows and I will record my results to you all in a months time to see if it has made a difference to my sparse brows.

The next products they recommended are the Brow Powder and Brow Brush. Up until now I have been using my Christian Eyebrow Kit which I found to be too heavy, and also the MUA Eyebrow Kit which I think made my brows look a little too fake!
This brow powder is in shade Taupe and compliments my hair colour perfectly. It applies smooth and leaves a natural looking finish, more natural than any other powders I have used. You also don't need to apply too much product to your brush as a little goes a long way.

Now for the Brow Brush, At first thoughts I thought it would just be like any old eyebrow brush that I own, but its bristles are more softer in texture which helps to create clean and soft lines without making them look too harsh. It also has a handy spoolie brush on the other end too, to help blend the brow powder for even more of a natural finish.

Billion Dollar Brows is available online and the Brow Boost retails at £25, Brow Powder £18 and Brow Brush £17.

What are your favourite brow products?


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  1. I need a new brow product.. Great review, thanks for posting.. I am trying to search for the best fit for my eyebrows! :)



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