Thursday, 28 November 2013

L'Oreal Velvety-Soft Toner & Eye Makeup Remover

Hi Everyone. Hope you are all ok. I can't believe the weekend is nearly here! Hooray. I'm really enjoying my second week into my new job but I'll be glad to have the weekend off to have a relax.
While shopping a couple of weeks ago I was on the search for a new cleanser as my current L'Oreal Micellar Solution had run out and I fancied trying something else. I decided on L'oreal Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner and I decided to try the Gentle Eye Makeup Remover too as my eyes are really sensitive and thought this would be more gentle on my eyes.

L'Oreal Velvety-Soft Toner helps to remove Makeup and impurities from the skin and reveal a better skin texture. Compared to the Micellar Solution this has more of an oil texture to it but it still removes my makeup just as good and my skin feels more softer than it did after using the Micellar Solution.
As for the Gentle Eye Makeup Remover this was a huge epic fail! It says that it's a gentle eye makeup remover that effectively removes eye makeup. Gentle it was, but all it did was leave me with black smudged eyes. I had to remove my eye makeup with this and then remove the black circles around my eyes with the Toner. This to me is a waste of money as the main thing it should be able to remove is Mascara, but it was an absolute nightmare to get off.

I'm really happy with the Velvety-Soft Toner and prefer it to the Micellar Solution but I think the Eye makeup remover is a huge fail.
I purchased both of these items from Boots and they retail at £3.99 for the Toner and £2.99 for the Eye Makeup Remover.

Have you tried either of these products? What are your favourite skincare products at the moment?



  1. i was thinking about getting that eye make up remover, but now maybe not! do you use anything else to remove eye makeup? i can't get rid of waterproof masara!

    hanh x

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the eye makeup remover- I was going to purchase it!

  3. How annoying! I've never worn waterproof mascara before and now I do I find it's an absolute bitch to get off!

    I'll holla if I find an effective make-up remover!

    Thanks for sending me your link on twitter, and I already follow you! Love your blog :) I'm over at if you fancied a peek xxx

  4. Hey! Glad I came across your post, as I've only just purchased this product and was wondering how well it'll work. I look forward to using it now.



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