Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Weekly Ramblings #39

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Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I didn't really get up to much as I had a lazy weekend and I have also got conjunctivitis! It was only the other day that I had horrible flu and now this, urgghh what's wrong with me?. But this week I'm super nervous as it's my last week at work and I start my new job on Monday! Eeeeek. 

For the last month I have been contemplating whether to chop my hair off and have a long ombre bob like the gorgeous Kimberley Walsh (above). I really love her hair here and I think it might be nice to have a change with my hair and also go more blonder too! What do you think?

Hope you all have a lovely week. Are you up to much this weekend? What's your favourite hairstyle?



  1. Hi Sarah!

    Firstly I hope you feel better soon.

    Secondly, go for it! It's all the fashion at the moment so I'm told - I know this because I recently got the same cut from having very long hair. I love it! I'm not sure I'll ever go back to long hair again now.

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. I love Kimberly's hair (is it just me, or d'ya reckon Luke from the XFactor looks identical to Kimberly!?!)

    I cut a fringe in a few weeks ago on impulse but now I regret it :( - I do love the length and ombre in Kimberly's hair though! I say go for it!

    Jen xx

  3. I've been thinking about doing this, make sure you're 1000000% sure you want to though!


  4. This is pretty amazing. We love it.
    Samara Sisters

  5. Love that hair style. I chopped my hair to my shoulders at the end of last year (after having reaaally long hair) and I'm glad I did it. It wasn't my fave but its hair at the end of the day it grows back :) x

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  6. yessssss! I'm so with you on this hairstyle! <3<3<3


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