Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Hair... New Hair Product | Fudge Texture Blaster

Hi Everyone, I'm finally back!!! After being super busy preparing for Christmas I'm now back in blogging action.
If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram then you'll know that I decided to chop my hair off a couple of weeks ago. What made me do it? Since the start of November I had been wanting to cut my hair off, I finally had enough of my long Hair Extensions and having a photo of Kimberley Walsh's Ombre Bob saved into my phone just kept tempting me more and more. So I thought what the hell, Lets go for it!

I cut and coloured my hair myself, Crazy I know but I'm a hairdresser and I really don't trust anyone on my hair but myself. I always know how I want my hair and it's much easier than having to explain it all to someone else.
I also used my favourite Halo Hair Extensions in Light Blonde to add more volume to my hair to make it super thick and also to add length to the front which I find can be quite wispy.

Now less about the hair and more about the product... This hairstyle is super easy to manage, I literally blast my hair dry with the hairdryer, use a brush on the top sections to add a bit of volume, straighten parts to keep it looking messy and then use the Fudge Texture Blaster to add tonnes of texture to my hair.
This product is not sticky like using a paste or a wax and with a blast to your hair creates texture and shape to your hair leaving it with a flexible but firm holding finish.

I always keep a can of this product in my bag as with one blast your hair is revived again. When I first cut my hair and was looking for a texturising product I was looking at pastes and waxes, But I'm so glad that I found this product and it's now one of my everyday go-to products for my hair. It also smells great too!

What hair do you prefer? Long or Short? Do you have any favourite Hair Products?



  1. Love it! Just cut all mine off too (well, someone did it for me!) and loving it xx

  2. Welcome back and Happy Christmas!
    Love it! Love the colour and tones.. Really suit you. :)
    I've heard of the brand, but never tried any products. This sounds great. I've currently growing out my Pob (and getting my hair back after having a baby!) so, can't wait for it to be a similar length to yours to be able to style a bit without losing length. :)


    1. Thanks beaut :) It's much easier to style at this length xx

  3. Oh my my myyy, first of all I LOVEEE your hair cut, it looks amazing and yerrrr Kimberley Walsh's hair is beauts...second of all, WOWEEE you cut it yourself? Even for a hairdresser that is impressive :) you go gurllll <3
    Hope you had a fab Christmas!!

    Holly Mixtures

  4. Your hair looks lovely and your makeup looks perfect too!

    Daisy x

  5. Your hair looks amazing! I need to try this out too :)

  6. I love the packaging of that product! It is really eyecatching! ps. your skin looks amazing, so flawless! x

  7. Your hair looks amazing! Fudge products always smell gorgeous, I'm quite tempted to give this a go myself.

    I have Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It which is one of the best texturizing powders I have used but the only downside is the job of having to brush your hair the following morning! x

    Sarah @ xx

  8. Hair looks beautiful, I've recently had a bit cut off mine too & am thinking of going a little shorter still!

    Really love your blog! You have a new follower :)

    Katie x

  9. Your hair is so nice, well done for doing it yourself!
    Ive been looking for a texture spray so after seeing your review il give this one a try.


  10. WOW I LOVE your hair. I've been considering a chop and now you've made me want to even more. I'm a wimp though! The texture spray sounds awesome too, I've been using a powder which is quite good but a bit messy so this sounds great!
    Thanks for the follow on twitter, I'm glad I found your lovely blog!
    Rosie x

  11. Your skin is like flawless! I've been looking for a texture spray actually, gotta try this out!
    Lazy Obsession x

  12. Your hairs amazing, I love love love ombre on shorter hair :)

    Your eyebrows & skin are also amazing :) X

  13. Love the short hair, wish I could pull it off!



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