Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top 5 2013 Favourites | Skincare

So you've guessed it. We have now come to my favourite Skincare Products of 2013... This was quite hard for me to choose as I also have tonnes of skincare products, But here are my top 5...

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan - I'm yet to blog about this product as I have been super busy, But after trying it out in November, For my Work Christmas Party and for Christmas and New Year, this has to be one of the best fake tan's EVER! The colour isn't too dark or fake looking and it left me with a natural (2 weeks in Tenerife) tan, plus applying it with the Cocoa Brown Tanning Mitt also left me streak free and without any patches.
I'm a St. Tropez and Xen Tan girl at heart but I must say this has now taken the lead and I can't wait to purchase another bottle.

Super Facial by Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Mask (Blog Post) - This is such a lovely face mask that I now use on a regular basis. Its results have left my skin much softer, more glowing and I have had less unwanted breakouts. It is also super affordable too.

Dr.Ceuticals Super Repair Hand Cream (Blog Post) - This has been a keeper in my handbag for a while now. It's super nourishing on your hands and doesn't leave them feeling sticky. I use it as often as I can everyday to keep my hands soft over the winter months. Its smell also reminds me of Nivea Creme too! Yum.

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish - I don't think I know a girl out there that doesn't love Soap and Glory. This has been a firm favourite of mine for a number of years and I rediscovered it again this year. It's great at making your skin super soft and perfect for prepping your skin before applying fake tan. It also smells delicious too!

Rituals Touch of Happiness Body Cream (Blog Post) - This is such an amazing Body Cream. First of all it smells amazing with its Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood fragrance and second of all, it works wonders on your skin leaving it soft and moisturised. My tub probably only has enough left for my big toe because my boyfriend loves using it too! I think he should maybe go and buy me some more... Ha.

What are your favourite Skincare Products of 2013?



  1. I love soap and glory! x x x

  2. I heard so much about the Una Brennan; I may have to try it. I love MAC and the Liz Earle range x


  3. I'm a really big fan of Una Brennan products - so affordable and (most importantly) they really work! Great post (:



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