Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Easter in a Bottle | Models Own "Speckled Eggs" Collection

Top-Bottom: Goose, Dove & Magpie* 
Hi Lovelies hope you are all ok and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine over the weekend. I have been very quiet again on my blog and only seem to be managing 1 post per week. Life has become rather hectic lately and when I think I'm going to have an hour spare to do some blogging there's always something to do; But finally I have an evening free to catch up on some writing... ** insert smiley emoji **

So when I see a surprise package arrive on my doorstep saying Models Own I'm always eagerly ripping it open with excitement! Models Own has to be one of my favourite nail polish brands and when I was opening this package I thought to myself 'What on earth could Models Own be releasing next' .... Queue Speckled Eggs!

Yes, so Models Own have released a nail polish that looks just like Mini Eggs, random you may think but I think this is such a freeekin amazing idea! Models Own have had some amazing nail polish collections over the past year but this has to be my favourite.
Pretty pastel colours speckled like Mini Eggs, these are the perfect shade for spring/summer and the speckled finish gives it a different edge.
The collection is available in 5 egg-tastic shades: Dove - A Cheeky Pink, Duck - A Cornflower Blue, Goose - A Mellow Yellow, Magpie - A Mint Green and Swan - A Dreamy Lilac.

Models Own never fails to please me and these nail polishes last for a good 4-5 days on my nails and you can wear them on their own without a top coat for an egg-like semi matte mottled finish or add a top coat for a glossy long lasting finish. I can't wait to wear all of the shades I have together for a cute Mini Egg Mani!!

The Models Own Speckled Eggs Collection is now available Online, in Models Own Bottleshops Worldwide and will be released in Superdrug from the 12th March and Boots from the 19th March.

Have you tried the Speckled Eggs Collection yet? What's your favourite shade?



  1. These look so amazing i cant wait to buy them, i love the mint green one :) xx

  2. They're lovely! Now I want to eat mini eggs though!

  3. Wow I absolutely love these, especially the pink one!

    Hannah x

  4. I love yous photos of these with actual mini eggs!

  5. ive just purchased the same colours can't wait till they arrive now! i bet the mini eggs didn't last long (: xx

  6. These are so like mini eggs!! The remind me of the illamasqua ones last year but a little brighter, totally perfect to wear all through spring!! your photos are amazing as well! xx

  7. These look great, I need to try them out! Would have been great for Easter :)

    Love Jaimie xo


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