Thursday, 8 May 2014

Primark - P.S Love Beauty Range

I must say I do love a little bit of Primarni aka Primark. Not only do they have some decent clothes, shoes and accessories for us Ladies and Men, but they also have some great clothes for the Kids too... And most of all their prices don't break the bank!

Primark have introduced a new beauty range to their stores called P.S Love. At first when I heard about this range I thought that the makeup was going to be really cheap and tacky but Primark proved me wrong.
The first item I was really looking for was the lipstick that I saw on Gemsmaquillage YouTube video, but as Primarks lipsticks don't have names I couldn't find this shade so I picked up this bright pink shade instead as the only other colour they had apart from this was a really pale nude colour.
The first thing I found is that I couldn't swatch the colours as they are all wrapped up in their packaging and they don't have any testers, but for only £1 I felt that I couldn't go wrong if I didn't end up liking it. This lipstick really shocked me when I got it out of it's packaging, it smelt really fruity and it also glided onto the lips really well and feels just like a lip balm. The staying power is really good too, it doesn't dry out on your lips and after a number of hours it will look just like a stain on your lips. The colour is really pretty too, it is a bright pink with a slight blue undertone, on the lips it isn't too bright like a neon shade but it gives your lips an amazing pop of colour. All in all I'm really impressed with this lipstick and can't wait until some other shades are available in my local Primark. For only £1 I feel that it is better than some high street ones that I've tried for a lot more than this price.

Moving onto the liquid eye liner. After seeing this on Gemsmaquillage YouTube video again, I really had to try this as every day I wear winged eye liner and I'm really starting to go off the gel eyeliner pots as they do last for a long while but I find that they dry out really quick. Felt liners probably last me for 3-4 weeks and with most of my favourites costing between £5-£8 I was really looking for a cheaper yet good alternative.
This felt liner costs an amazing £1.50 and Gemma mentioned in her video that her eye liner didn't seem as black when first applied and she thought this was probably because it was her first use and all the product had to get to the nib. I found this felt liner was really easy to apply, it is super black and the size of the nib is just the right length and goes to a point at the end to give you a perfect flick. It also didn't irritate my eyes, I have the worlds most sensitive eyes and it hasn't irritated them one bit... Hooray! This eye liner gets top marks from me as it lasts all day without any smudging, doesn't irritate my eyes and I think that I may have to stock up on quite a lot of these before they all run out!

Lastly I purchased some tweezers, I was looking to buy some more of the Primark P.S Love makeup products but my local store was really low on everything, probably due to the such low prices.
I really needed some tweezers as I do have about 10 pairs in my house but can I ever find them! These cost only £1 and you get 2 pairs, one normal pair to get to those easy hairs and one sharp pointy pair to get to those shorter hard to reach hairs. To me tweezers are tweezers so their isn't really much to say about them except they are a bargain and the pointy pair was really good at getting super short brows that I normally have to leave to grow more before I can pluck them out.

I'm really blown away by the Primark P.S Love Range. I was expecting it to be cheap and tacky but it is actually really good quality for the money. I just need to wait until my local Primark stocks up on more so I can try more of it out.

Primark's P.S Love Range is available in most Primark Stores now.

Have you tried anything from the P.S Love collection? What's your favourite?



  1. I've heard only good things about this range as well..!

    Hannah Rose// Blog

  2. Primark do absolutely everything now a days the lipstick looks like MACs Candy Yum Yum!

  3. This lipstick is a very nice bright pink colour - perfect for this season!
    Come and check the current competition and giveaway on my blog - I think you might like them :)



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