Friday, 25 July 2014

Cowshed Festival Treats

Cow Shed Cow Pat RRP £7.00 | Cowshed Wild Cow RRP £18.00

The festival season may be coming to an end but these little festival treats brought out by Cowshed are great to keep in the bottom of you handbag or to use while travelling.
These must-have beauties will ensure you feel fresh come rain or shine, or if you are attending any festivals, mud!

One item I like to keep in my handbag and in the car (especially because of my little girl) is Antibacterial Hand Gel. Cowshed's 'Cow Pat' is a natural antibacterial hand gel that is both hydrating and alcohol-free. Enriched with a corn-derived moisturiser, it will help leave your hands feeling fresh, super smooth and slightly fragranced. It also contains grapefruit seed extract with natural antibacterial properties, it will help to eliminate any common germs.

As mentioned in my previous Weleda Mini's Post, while on holiday I don't like to wear such a sweet scent during the day. Cowshed's 'Wild Cow' Invigorating Perfume Oil has such a fresh (and like it says) invigorating scent with it's lemongrass, ginger and rosemary fragrance. This fragrance is perfect for me to dab on while in the sunshine and with it being so small it will easily fit in the bottom of your beach bag or handbag.
I really want to try out the Horny Cow and Moody Cow fragrances as they sound hilarious!

Have you tried any Cowshed products before? Do any of these products appeal to you?

Cowshed is available from all Cowshed Spa's and Shops or online at


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