Sunday, 6 July 2014

Impulse & Models Own Very Very Pink Nail Varnish, File & Fragrance Kit

Hi Lovelies. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. While on the prowl in Asda the other day, I was looking for a body spray just to keep in the car for whenever I need it. I don't usually use body spray as I prefer my perfume but I seem to go through perfume like no one's business!!
Staring at the Impulse I notice on the bottom shelf hidden away some Impulse & Models Own promo packs. For £4.00 you get your Impulse spray, A Models Own nail file and also a bottle of Models Own nail polish. I decided to pick up the pack that had Models Own Utopia as it has been on my wishlist for AGES yet my local Boots never seems to have it in stock.

As soon as I got home I was excited to test out the nail polish and I teamed Utopia with Models Own Pink Fizz. Utopia is a pretty pearly lilac/grey that looks great underneath any favourite glitter polish.
After rushing to try out the nail polish I completely forgot about the body spray until I opened my wardrobe today and saw it lying there on the side. I decided to give it a bash but I wasn't too keen on the scent as it reminded me of my Boyfriends Lynx! Oh well we can't win them all and at least I finally got the nail polish I had been lusting over.
At least if my Boyfriend ever runs out of Lynx I guess he could use the Very Very Pink instead? Probably not!

What's your favourite Impulse Scent? Would you buy this promo pack?



  1. What a great little set! Im going to see if I can track one down too

  2. I like it! I hope they still have it next month!

  3. Your nails look so gorgeous!! :-) This is like my ideal combo, I love Impulse and Models Own so much! xxx


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