Monday, 4 August 2014

August Advertisers

As you can see I've started advertising on my blog again after not doing it for a couple of months. Ami is my only advertiser this month as I didn't mention it on my twitter until the last minute, but if you would like to advertise on my blog next month I am now reserving spaces.
I'm so happy to be featuring Amie on my blog and you will be able to read a little bit more about her in her personal blog post in a couple of weeks. is where I talk about many of my favourite things and I am really looking forward to seeing it grow and grow with me over the next few years. I mainly write about  Beauty, Business and Fashion but sometimes a little bit of 'real life' features too. I plan to start YouTube-ing too, as soon as I muster up the courage to publish my rambling videos for the world to see! 


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