Sunday, 3 August 2014

The British Tag

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Hi Lovelies. The gorgeous Sammi from Beautycrush came up with 'The British Tag' so I thought it would be fun to give it a go.  All you need to do is answer all of the questions below on being British!

1.How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?
I love a cup of tea and I usually have at least one a day, really strong with no sugar! Yummy.

2. Favourite part of your roast?

The favourite part of my roast dinner has to be the roast potatoes, mash potato and lashings of gravy! I always save the best parts until last.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?

My favourite dunking biscuit has to be chocolate digestives.

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

I love taking long walks local to us down an old railway. It's mad how we live a mile away from the city yet 2 minutes down the road is lovely fields and walkways.

5. Favourite word?

My favourite word, well most used work is thingy. I say it for almost everything!

6. Cockney rhyme slang?

I love London and I know tonnes of Cockney slang... Apples & pears, Adam & eve, Dog n bone, Al a mode, Jack jones, Trouble & strife... The list goes on.

7. Favourite sweet?

My favourite chocolate has to be Cadbury's Twirl, and sweets are Haribo Tangfastics.

8. What would your Pub be called?

Hmmmmm this is an awkward one... My friend lives close to a pub called 'Why Not' and I think that is pretty hilarious!

9. No.1 British person

My number 1 British person has to be Danny Dyer. I love his Cockney accent.

10. Favourite Shop / Restaurant?

My favourite shop has to be Topshop and my favourite restaurant would probably be Nando's or Wagamama. Not sure if those are very British.

11. What British song pops into your head?

This would probably be some 90's Brit-pop like The Spice Girls - Wannabe! ZIG A ZIG AHHHHH.

12. Marmite?
1 word... NASTY!

I TAG everyone to take part in this fun tag! Leave your links below if you have done this tag.



  1. This is such a great idea for a tag! I think i'll have a go at this. Great answers! :) Xx


  2. I love this! I agree, Danny Dyer is a great British person, he seems to have been born to be in Eastenders! And Why Not is a great name for a pub!

    I did this tag -though a couple of questions are different -


  3. A strong cuppa + some chocolate digestives = perfect! I love this tag, really enjoying everyone's posts and videos - must get around to doing it myself soon! x

  4. I love this idea of a tag, not seen it before! Im from the UK and id be useless at this though, i dont drink tea or runk biscuits for starters - i know!! Great answers though :) xx


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