Friday, 7 November 2014

KIKO Luxurious Collection

KIKO Luxurious Collection | Precious Illuminating Bronzer RRP £18.00 | Magnificent Highlighter RRP £10.00 | Sumptuous Kajal Liner RRP £8.00.
Luxurious is the perfect word for the latest collection from KIKO Milano. KIKO is a brand that I really love but their latest luxurious collection has completely blown me off my feet. Not only is it elegant, it's also great value for money too.

Let's start with the Precious Illuminating Bronzer. How gorgeous is this? It's golden embossed case screams elegance and when you open it up the bronzer replicates the case's intricate, sophisticated design. If that wasn't sophisticated enough, the illuminating bronzer is enriched by precious stones that help to soften and smooth the skin. 
The bronzer contains four different colours that when mixed together creates an ideal shade for any completion leaving it looking radiant, velvety and most of all, natural. As you can see by the swatch (far left) it isn't really that dark at all, and is the perfect product to use during the Autumn/Winter months as it looks subtle, natural and not harsh on the skin.

Next I have the Magnificent Highlighter in Noble Rosy Silver. This is a water-based, liquid formula highlighting pen that releases a thin and ephemeral pearly layer onto the skin, creating a fresh and radiant effect.
I like to blend this product with my fingers on the bridge of my nose, cheekbones and it teams up great on your cupid's bow with a red lip. Again, this product is perfect for Autumn/Winter as it gives a subtle, dewy, natural glow.
This product is also available in Royal Gold.

Finally, KIKO's Kajal Liners are one of my favourites as they don't irritate my eyes. This Sumptuous Kajal Liner is available in Refined Taupe White (Perfect for on the waterline to make your eyes look bigger) and Elegant Black (above).
These liners are long lasting and are soft and creamy in texture, making them glide easily onto the skin and releasing a dark, striking colour without having to apply too much pressure.
I love to wear these liners on the waterline as they don't irritate me like other liners do and this liner is perfect on the lashline to create a glamorous feline flick!

Also available in the KIKO Luxurious Collection is a Luxurious Face Brush, Divine Reflections Volume Mascara (available in 4 colours) and Supreme Eyeshadow (available in 4 colours).

KIKO MILANO LUXURIOUS is available from KIKO Stores nationwide and online at

What are your thoughts on KIKO's Luxurious Collection? What product is your favourite?



  1. The bronzer looks so pretty x

  2. The bronzer looks gorgeous! I love the gold packaging, looks very expensive and chic. x

    Beauty In My Mind - Beauty Blog UK

  3. Love the bronzer!

  4. Wow, as a designer I just have to say that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous!



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