Saturday, 15 November 2014

NOTD | Pop Art

Rimmel Rita Ora Breakfast in Bed RRP £2.99 | Rimmel Rita Ora Pop Art Top Coat RRP £3.99
While on the prowl in Superdrug I came across the new Rimmel London Rita Ora Collection and instantly fell in love with the Pop Art Top Coat. Whenever I purchase a new glitter top coat I'm always stuck with what base coat to use underneath, so I also decided to purchase Breakfast in Bed which is also from the Rita Ora Collection.

First of all Breakfast in bed looks NOTHING like it does on the Superdrug website, and is a pretty minty blue shade. The formula of these nail polishes are amazing and you only need two coats plus they DO dry in 60 seconds!
The Pop Art Top Coat on the other hand takes a little getting used to. It took 2-3 coats and lots of dabbing to get the multicoloured glitter hexes on to my nails, but once you have mastered dabbing them onto your nails (I think they apply better like this) and have finished with your favourite top coat, you are left with pretty party nails! I can't wait to have a little experiment with different base coats with the Pop Art top coat.

Have you tried out any of Rimmel's Rita Ora Collection? What's your favourite shade?



  1. the pop art top coat seems amazing! I definitely have to go and pick it up!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  2. Oh my! This mint shade is soooo cute!! Loved the pop art coat.. <3

  3. So glad I've finally found a review of these nail polishes, I've been looking at them for ages! Definitely going to pop out and get them! x

  4. your nails look fantastic, i think you have nailed the technique! x

  5. I've wanted this top coat for ages but can never see it when I look in the shops! x



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