Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 Favourites | Bloggers

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So far in my countdown to 2015 we have had my Nail, Makeup and Hair favourites and today is my favourite bloggers of 2014. It was really hard to narrow it down to 5 bloggers as I read so many blogs but here are my top picks...

Couture Girl -  I featured Kayleigh's blog in my 2013 favourites as I have been a loyal reader of her blog for a number of years. I started reading Kayleigh's blog from when she only had a handful of readers and it is great to see how much her blog has grown over the years. Now she has a whopping 15,000 Bloglovin' followers and counting. Her content is spot on and she never writes a bad blog post. Kayleigh, you should be proud <3.

In the Frow - I've only recently started reading Victoria's blog and I can't believe I have never come across her blog before. Her content is fab, she has a perfect fashion sense AND THAT HAIR!! I have major hair envy.

Love & Liquor - I have been reading Laura's blog since she first started out last year and advertised on my blog. In 2014 her blog has grown so much and I love her beauty reviews as she goes into lots of detail and doesn't just give a half-arsed review! Her OOTD posts are also a favourite too.

Beauty and the Chic - I think I first came across Claudia's blog after following her on Instagram.  Her photography puts mine to shame and I love her disappointing products blog posts.

Lydia Elise Millen - I have been following Lydia's Blog for a number of years now and also follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Not only does she have a body to die for and an amazing fashion sense, she is also really down to earth and when I needed some fitness advice, she was more than happy to help me out.

What are your favourite blogs from 2014?



  1. I've already said on Twitter but thanks a million times over for including me in this post, amongst such amazing bloggers that I love myself, it's made me very happy indeed.

    Happy New Year!!


  2. Thanks for linking these, there's one or two I haven't read!

    Hannah Rose

  3. Love these sort of posts. It's nice to discover more blogs to follow x



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