Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide | Stocking Fillers for Him £10 & Under

Following on from yesterdays Stocking Fillers for Her £10 & Under, today I have some stocking filler ideas for the men in your life! 

Desktop Table Ping Pong RRP £5.99 (Currently on sale for £4.49)
Men love gadgets and I think this would be fun for one of your colleagues in the office.

Marvel Card Holder RRP £10.00
Nowadays most men are geek's (I know mine is anyway) So give them a place to store their bank cards for when they take you shopping!

Burgundy Fairisle Beanie RRP £12.00 (Currently on sale for £9.60)
This is such a cute beanie and will look great with anything.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy DVD RRP £10.00
Me, my boyfriend and daughter Lily watched this at the Cinema and it is my favourite film of 2014!

Christmas Santa Boxers RRP £3.00
Nothing wrong with a pair of novelty pants!

Chunky Fairisle 2 Pack Socks RRP £7.99 (Currently on sale for £5.50)
Socks always go missing and I love the pattern on these.

Stuff Every Man Should Know Book RRP £7.99 (Currently on sale for £5.50)
Men think they know everything... Lets see if they do!

Man Mug! RRP £9.99
This is a fun novelty mug that features a spirt level, ruler and fitted pencil.

Desktop Mini Football Table RRP £10.00
This actually looks really cool and it is a bargain for only £10.

Lynx Africa Trio Gift Set RRP £10.00
This is probably the most popular stocking filler!

What's your favourite stocking filler for him? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?



  1. Haha I love the Man mug not for girls - this woulds suit my husband lol!

  2. Oh I hate getting presents for him! This has made it so much easier, thank you!xx


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