Thursday, 8 January 2015

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette | All About Pink

Makeup Revolution is gradually starting to takeover my makeup collection. Every product I have tried from this brand I have loved (but I must say I'm not a great fan of their concealer as it is quite runny). If you haven't heard of Makeup Revolution before, they are a drugstore brand available in Superdrug stores nationwide and also online. Their product range starts at a bargain of £1 and as their prices are more affordable, doesn't mean they lack in quality.

The All About Pink Blush Palette is my latest addition to my Makeup Revolution Collection. It contains 8 stunning shades which include a mixture of matte, shimmer and baked merged powders. The 2 shades to the far right I like to use for highlighting and the gorgeous pink blush shades might look pretty scary as they are highly pigmented, but use a light hand with your favourite blush brush to add a pop of colour to your cheeks.
Sometimes if the blush looks a little bright or I've applied too much, I will gently go over with any product that's remaining on my foundation brush.

If 8 stunning blush shades wasn't enough, they also come in a sleek black case with a full size mirror inside.

I really must sort out my Malm dressing table this week as I just have all of my makeup thrown in the draw, and in summer last year I purchased some storage compartments for inside and I still haven't sorted them out. I guess one of my new years resolutions could be to sort out my makeup draw!!

The All About Pink Blush Palette retails at £6.00 and is available from Superdrug and

What do you think of this blush palette? Are you a fan of Makeup Revolution products?



  1. I really want to try Makeup Revolution!! This palette looks lovely too Xx


  2. Lovely post!!!! Great photos. Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!
    What makes you beautiful & bloglovin

  3. I really want to try out make up revolution as their palettes always look gorgeous x

  4. Great post x

  5. Gorgeous colours - I've never tried make up revolution but keep seeing good reviews xxx

    Maisy Meow | Fashion and Beauty Blog

  6. Make up revolution is also taking over my make up collection just now! I done a review on their sugar & spice palette x

  7. Their blush palettes are defiantly one of their best products!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Their blush palettes are amazing! I've got the Sugar and Spice one and love it!

  9. This looks beautiful! I really need to get it!
    I love Makeup Revolution! I have so many eye-shadows!


  10. I have never used Makeup Revolution, it definitely a brand I need to look in. Their palettes look fab and for such a great price :) xx
    Tanya | Glamour. Glitter. Gloss.

  11. The colours look a little daunting but I'd love to try it out to see if it would suit me :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  12. Just ordered the Golden Sugar Ultra Blush and Contour Palette - can't wait to get it after reading this !! x

  13. Never tried Makeup Revolution products but that palette looks beautiful!

  14. I'm a huge fan of this palette although I have had a few mishaps with it though due to the extreme colour pay off! Once I got ready super early, put it on and then checked my make up a couple of hours later on the train journey to meet my friends, only to realise I was travelling with clown cheeks. It is great though as you don't have to use much for great results. Now I've got used to the application of the products this palette is part of my regular routine! x

  15. I looked at one of these blush palettes earlier today in Superdrug but in darker shades (these are a bit too pink for me) and they're amazing value for only £6!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  16. The bottom left colour looks lovely! Great post!


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