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Guest Post | Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Review by Diary of a Beauty Padawan

Neutral colours: whether shimmery or matte, they're pretty nice, but sometimes you want something that's a little less Meghan Trainor and a little more Lady Gaga. Unfortunately for some, many of the bright, bold colours out there are metallic or glittery, which might not be your forte.

That's where this palette comes in.

The Makeup Revolution Matte Brights palette is a collection of twelve bright, matte colours ranging from a chalk white to a hot pink to a super-saturated blue -- many of the essential colours needed to either create your own quirky individual look, or add a pop of colour to a favourite look.

A problem I've had with matte eye shadows from Makeup Revolution in the past is that the quality isn't quite up there with the rest of their finishes. Their metallics, shimmers and satins all give a beautiful payoff, but the matte colours usually left me wanting. Not this time. The majority of shades in the Matte Brights palette are absolutely beautiful: creamy in texture and a dream to apply.

Interested in seeing a few swatches? Of course you are!

|| This is quite a stark, white milk colour that starts off a little chalky but builds relatively okay. I think you'll need a white cream base underneath if you really want it to show up, but if you're into a softer touch then I think it should work for you.

|| This is a dusty grey shade -- and when I say 'dusty', I literally mean that it looks the colours of dust. I have no idea what on earth this shade is supposed to do; it's really sheer and almost unbuildable on my eyes. It may work alright with Shades 1 and 3, but I'm not sure what kind of look you'd get out of it. This isn't my favourite shade in the palette.

|| Shade 3 is a bright, baby sky blue and it is beautiful. The payoff is better than most matte shades I've swatched from Makeup Revolution, but it's not the best I've seen. It can kick up some powder and while it builds easily when swatching, the same can't quite be said when applying. I think it needs a white base underneath to really make the colour pop.

4 || This a super bright, vibrant carrot orange and I love it. It swatched really well and built up easily, making it one of the better shades in the palette.

5 || This hot pink isn't my favourite -- not because of it's colour, but more its quality. It's a bit chalky and soft, but buildable; I think it might make an alright transition colour for those who might want a hint of pink instead of going Legally Blonde.

6 || This strong violet is quite similar to Shade 5 in that it's chalky but buildable. It's something of a shame, because it looks so promising in the pan.

7 || Shade 7 is one of my favourite shades in the whole pan. It's a touch deeper than Shade 5 but the quality is far superior. You don't need too much to achieve pan colour, and it lasts all day. It works incredibly well with other colours too, making an interestingly unique array of shades when mixed with particular shades in the palette.

8 || Another strong favourite of mine in the palette! This is an amazing canary yellow that is just... I can't even begin to get across just how wonderful it is. Yellows that look this strong in the pan are often, in my experience, disappointing in that they're either very powdery or nowhere near as strong in application. This has to be one of the creamiest shades I've ever come across from Makeup Revolution (which makes me wonder why most of their mattes seem to be so lacking!) -- you could probably buy the palette for this alone.

9 || If you can't see this too well as a swatch, it's because the shade is an almost perfect match for my skin, making it a perfect natural highlight shade for me. Like some of the other shades in the palette, it's soft but builds relatively well. I'm not sure how well it will work on those with deeper skin tones.

10 || This dark, cool-toned forest-y green looks nice in the pan, but it's a little disappointing on the swatch. Despite that, it builds and blends quite well -- better with a brush than with a finger.

11 || This is an absolutely beautiful deep blue, and the pigmentation is quite good. In terms of swatching, it does alright, but it builds a little better with a brush. If you're using this colour, you may want to do your eye makeup before you base, as it does tend to have a little fallout when applying.

12 || Without a doubt, this is the worst shade in the palette by far. It looks beautiful in the pan, but as you can see in the swatch photo, building it up is practically impossible. It works a little better with a dense brush, but just that -- a little. There's not as much of a problem with fallout, but it's very easy for the colour to blend away into nothing.

Overall, I think that if you're looking for a palette of a fun, reliable matte colours at a crazily affordable price, this is the one to go for. Some of the shades perform better than others, but at $7.93 AUD -- really, it's hard to beat! I wouldn't expect to find such quality at such a price from any other brands, so whether you're a Beauty Yoda or a Padawan just starting out, I'd snap this up for your collection.

And are the colours wearable? You bet they are! I created a summery look using it a couple of weeks ago, the details for which you can check out here.

Padawan Product Rating: B

Have you got the Makeup Revolution Matte Brights palette? What do you think about using such bright colours like these? Let me know!

Sarah xo

This is a Guest post as I'm currently taking a 2 week break. See you all soon x



  1. I've always shyed away from bold and brights but these are gorgeous, I love number 3!
    ♥ Fran - xx

  2. These are so bright but look so gorgeous, they are perfect for summer :) xx

  3. Such bright but beautiful colours!

    Lydia //

  4. When I first saw the palette, I didn't actually think that these colours would be wearable but your summer look totally convinced me of the contrary! ♥

  5. Wow the colours actually look really good when you apply them :)



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