Wednesday, 25 February 2015

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Hi all! I am Jazmine from sunny old North Wales in the UK. I am 25 years old, do not let that fool you, you may think I am highly sophisticated and like a grown up, I am not, mentally I still feel about 16! In my normal every day life I work as an Optical Consultant, which is just a posh way of saying I order and fix glasses for a living. Obviously there is much more to my job but that is pretty much it in a nutshell.

Prior to the wonderful world of the Opticians, I worked overseas as a holiday rep for two major tour operators in the UK. I worked in Portugal for two years, Rhodes for one year and Lanzarote for one. I have some fantastic memories from my time overseas and from time to time I will share snippets with you on my blog.

My blog is relatively new and it is quite personal to me. It is more of a lifestyle blog as I write
about everything. On my blog I describe it as:‘A lifestyle blog all about the ramblings of a twenty something year old about her dysfunctional life, dysfunctional interests and often her even more dysfunctional love life!’

You will find this is a pretty accurate description of the blog and also …Me! I write about days out, makeup and beauty products I like, fashion, diet and generally about me and my thoughts. I write quite candidly and you will come to learn that I am a pretty open book. I find this is the best way for me to write and you will be reading honest and from the heart posts.

I hope you come and join me in my little corner of the web and enjoy coming on the journey of life with me :)

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